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FedEx & Shipping

Can I ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally via FedEx Economy Air.

When considering international shipping, keep the following in mind:

Customs Regulations: Shipping items internationally involves complying with customs regulations of the destination country. Be prepared to provide accurate descriptions and values for your items, and ensure they are not prohibited or restricted for import into the destination country.

Packaging and Labeling: Proper packaging and labeling are essential for international shipments to ensure the safety and timely delivery of your items.

Documentation: We will provide all necessary shipping documentation, including shipping labels, and customs declarations.

Coverage: Consider purchasing shipping coverage to protect your items in case of loss or damage during transit.

Shipping Restrictions: Be aware that certain items may be restricted or prohibited for international shipping. Learn more about shipping internationally.

How do I contact FedEx regarding my pickup?

To contact FedEx directly, please dial 1-800-463-3339. You'll be required to provide your pickup confirmation number, which is located in your account near your pickup date (it starts with CPU followed by a string of numbers).

How do I contact FedEx regarding my shipment?

You can call FedEx directly at 1-800-463-3339. To expedite the process, have any relevant information ready when contacting FedEx, such as your tracking number(s). You will find them on your account by clicking the track link next to your items.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes, you can track your shipment right through your Collegeboxes account. Simply click the track link next to each inventory item you have listed on your account. This tracking allows you to monitor the FedEx progress and status of your shipment as it moves from one location to another.

Can I ship a bike?

To a ship a bike must be boxed. We are only able to ship boxed items and luggage.

Here's how you can go about shipping a bike:

Prepare the Bike: Before shipping, you'll need to prepare the bike. This includes cleaning it, removing any detachable components (such as pedals and the front wheel), and securing loose parts. It's a good idea to protect delicate components like the derailleur with bubble wrap or padding.

Pack the Bike: Place the bike in a sturdy bike box or a specialized bike shipping case. If you don't have a bike box, you can typically purchase one from a local bike shop or order one online. Secure the bike inside the box with padding, foam, or bubble wrap to prevent damage during transit.

Label the Box: Clearly label the shipping box with your name, customer ID, and your FedEx shipping label printed from your Collegeboxes account.

Coverage: Consider purchasing shipping coverage to protect your bike in case of loss or damage during transit.

Track the Shipment: Track your shipment right through your Collegeboxes account. This allows you to stay informed about its location and estimated delivery date.

Receiving the Bike: Ensure that someone is available to receive the bike at the destination address.

How long does shipping take on average?

The average shipping times vary depending on the shipment's destination: 1-2 business days for local shipments, 2-3 business days for regional shipments, and 5-7 business days for cross-country shipments.

For deliveries to rural or remote areas, please be aware that additional time may be needed for the shipment to reach its destination.

It's important to note that shipping times can be influenced by peak seasons, such as holidays, when shipping carriers handle increased volumes. Delays may occur during these periods.

Additionally, adverse weather conditions and natural disasters can disrupt shipping operations, potentially resulting in delays. It's advisable to consider local and destination weather conditions when estimating shipping times.

Given the potential variability in shipping times, it's prudent to plan your shipment well in advance, especially if you have specific delivery deadlines or time-sensitive requirements.

Can I drop off my boxes at a FedEx office?

Yes, you can drop off your packages and boxes at a FedEx office or FedEx store. FedEx offers various drop-off options to make it convenient to send your packages.

To locate the closest FedEx Office, FedEx Store, or authorized FedEx drop-off site in your vicinity, please visit the FedEx website.

Upon arriving at the chosen FedEx location, you can either hand your package directly to the FedEx staff at the counter or place it in the designated drop-off area. Should you need a receipt or evidence of your drop-off, feel free to request one from the FedEx staff at the location

Where can I drop off my shipping items?

You can drop off your items at any staffed FedEx location. Visit the FedEx website to find the nearest FedEx Office, FedEx Store, or authorized FedEx drop-off location in your area.

The locator tool will provide you with a list of nearby FedEx drop-off locations, along with their addresses, hours of operation, and services offered. When dropping off your FedEx shipments, make sure your packages are properly labeled and securely packed to ensure a smooth shipping process.

When will Ship to School dates be available?

We align our delivery dates with the school academic calendars. Ship to School service dates will become available in the weeks leading up to the start of the school year, during summer/winter break, or before the start of a new semester.

Typically, Ship to School dates for fall move-in are made available online starting in early July, while dates for winter (January) move-in can be accessed starting in early October..

Can I ship directly from an online retailer such as Amazon or Target to your storage facility?

Unfortunately, no. You are required to ship your items from your home to our facility using our provided shipping labels and services.

Can I change my FedEx pick up date?

To change your FedEx pickup date, follow these steps:

1. Click the "Cancel Pickup" button in your FedEx pickup information.

2. Next, click the "Change Date" button to select a new pickup date.

These steps should help you update your FedEx pickup date as needed.

Can I request a specific FedEx pick up time?

Unfortunately, FedEx does not offer a more precise pickup time than their standard 10 AM - 6 PM window. If you need to leave during the day and weather conditions are suitable, you may choose to leave your boxes outside for FedEx pickup. Once the FedEx driver scans the labels, the tracking will begin and be visible on your Collegeboxes account. Alternatively, you have the option to drop off your packages at a nearby FedEx office.

Are there weight limits for shipping?

We recommend that packages weigh less than 60 pounds. For detailed FedEx shipping guidelines, you can refer to the following link: FedEx Shipping Guidelines.

What if one of my boxes is not tracking with FedEx?

Please keep in mind that tracking information updates can sometimes experience delays. It's advisable to wait for a while and then recheck the tracking status to see if it has been updated. Additionally, double-check that you've correctly affixed the FedEx shipping label to the box. Sometimes, an inadvertent duplication of labels can occur, resulting in two packages traveling under the same tracking number. Unfortunately, this issue may only become apparent when your packages arrive at their destination.

What can I ship? Do you ship furniture and odd shaped items?

We utilize FedEx Ground for shipping items, and our shipping service is primarily designed for boxed items and luggage. If you need to ship larger items, you might want to explore the option of using a U-Haul U-Box.

How do I change my FedEx pick up address?

To update your address for a pickup in your account, follow these steps:

1. Access your account and navigate to the pickup section.

2. Start by canceling your pickup; click the "Cancel Pickup" button.

3. Next, click the "Change Address" button.

4. Update your address information, and don't forget to click "Save" to confirm the changes.

5. Once your address has been successfully updated, you can proceed to select a new pickup date.

This process will ensure your pickup address is accurately updated in your account.

Do you ship golf clubs?

Absolutely, you can ship golf clubs. However, it's essential to package them securely to prevent any damage during transit. Using a dedicated golf club travel case or a sturdy box designed for shipping long and narrow items is advisable for the safe shipment of your golf clubs.

Make sure to label the package clearly, including your name, Collegeboxes ID, and phone number.

Can I ship liquid items such as detergents, lotions, shampoo and other hygiene products?

Unfortunately, shipping liquid items is not recommended due to the increased risk of potential damage to your belongings and others' property during transit.

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