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    Our service options are designed to make student moving easier for everyone, including school housing departments. We partner with numerous schools across the country to streamline the campus moving process and eliminate the traffic jams and congestion that often plague move-in day. We can do that for your school, too!

    Why Choose Collegeboxes as a Campus Partner?

    Collegeboxes offers the following moving solutions for college students:

    Backed by U-Haul®

    A division of U-Haul, we utilize industry-leading moving and storage technology and services, including thousands of storage and rental locations.

    Customized Campus Partnerships

    Our team of college moving experts will work with you directly to build a customized student moving partnership specific to your school’s needs.

    #1 Student Storage and Shipping Provider

    We’ve been helping college students move to and from campus since 1999. Whether your students need shipping, storage, or a combination of both, we have a solution.

    Multiple Service Options

    From pre-arrival delivery to post move-out pickup, we have a variety of service options that are guaranteed to simplify student moving at your school.

    Student Moving Service Options

    Standard Pickup & Delivery

    Students coordinate directly with us to select convenient pickup and delivery dates. Items are picked up and delivered while students are on campus for a more streamlined move. School involvement is not required.

    Post Move-Out Pickup

    Belongings are picked up from students’ dorm rooms after they have moved out of campus housing. This allows students to focus on finals and finishing the semester. We will coordinate with school for room access.

    Pre-Arrival Delivery

    Belongings are placed in dorm rooms before students arrive on campus. This decreases campus congestion on move-in day and eases the workload for you. We will coordinate with the school for room access.

    Central Pickup & Dropoff

    To relieve congestion in the dorms during move out, students place belongings in a central, safe, and secure location on campus. We will pick up items from this location and store or ship. The stored items will be delivered back to the same campus location before students return.

    Boarding School Student Moving Partnerships

    Collegeboxes isn’t just for college students. We also offer our services at boarding schools across the U.S. Our Ship to School service is ideal for boarding school seniors getting ready to make the transition to college. Students simply pack up their belongings, then we pick up, ship, store near their future college or university, and deliver directly to their residence on move-in day.

    Campus Partnership FAQs

    Can Collegeboxes provide student moving services at my school?

    Collegeboxes is everywhere, providing services in all 50 states. If U-Haul is there, Collegeboxes is there!

    How much does it cost to have Collegeboxes provide student moving services on campus?

    Collegeboxes is contracted by the student/family. Schools don’t pay anything.

    Where does Collegeboxes store student items?

    We store students’ items at a nearby U-Haul self-storage location. Students have access to their items for the duration of storage for added convenience.

    What are the benefits to a campus moving partnership?

    There are many benefits to consider. With a campus moving partnership, you have access to all U-Haul products and services. If you ever need boxes delivered, or the school needs moving services, you’ve got a friend that can coordinate it all. You also get to work with an Account Executive assigned to your school, in addition to the entire U-Haul team, both local and corporate.

    Another benefit is reduced campus congestion on move-in day, reduced mailroom shipments, and an overall more manageable workload for school administrators and housing officers. See all the ways schools benefit from Collegboxes.

    How can school administrators request more information about campus partnerships?

    It’s simple. Send us an email at and our team of college moving experts will answer your questions and begin helping you build a campus partnership that fits your needs.

    How Schools Benefit

    Check out our video to see how your school can benefit from Collegeboxes