School Partnerships

As a school administrator, it’s important to have an easy and stress-free way to get all students moved to and from campus, but the present system with parents, cars, traffic jams and crowds can be overwhelming. Therefore, Collegeboxes, backed by moving experts U-Haul, delivers easy, efficient and stress-free moves for everyone – students, parents, and YOU!

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Service Options

Pre-Arrival Delivery

Belongings are placed in dorm rooms before students arrive on campus. This decreases campus congestion on move-in day and eases the workload for you. We will coordinate with the school for room access.

Standard Pickup & Delivery

Students coordinate directly with us to select convenient pickup and delivery dates. Items are picked up and delivered while students are on still campus. School involvement is not required for a more streamlined move.

Post Move-Out Pickup

Belongings are picked up from students’ dorm rooms after they have moved out of campus housing. This allows students to focus on finals and finishing the semester. We will coordinate with school for room access.

Central Pickup & Dropoff

To relieve congestion in the dorms during move out, students place belongings in a central, safe, and secure location on campus. We will pick up items from this location and store or ship. The stored items will be delivered back to the same campus location before students return.

How Schools Benefit

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Marketing Partnerships

Collegeboxes partners with companies to provide valuable services for college students. If your company shares a vision of improving the lives of students, please contact us at Let’s build something great together!