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College Packing List: Bring it, Buy it or Leave it

Everyone has a different opinion on what is essential for college. Regardless of the packing list you use, certain items should be bought when you get to college and others should be left at home. Collegeboxes guides you through what items should be brought, bought, or left at home for college students moving in.

Clothes for College: Bring It

This one is an easy decision. Clothes are probably the most important thing you pack for college because everyone likes having their full selection of outfits to choose from. There will be tough decisions, but it makes it a lot easier to decide before you leave for college. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy that new outfit you want. We just recommend doing it at your favorite stores in your hometown.

Before you start packing, separate your clothes into different categories or outfits. Our suggestion is generally to pack two to three weeks’ worth of clothes with outfits that can mix and match. This allows you flexibility even though you’ll probably wear the same sweatshirt to class every day. Also, be mindful that you’re likely coming home in between semesters, meaning you can change clothes out depending on the season.

If you don’t know where to start with how many boxes or what moving supplies you need, we have what you need. The Collegeboxes Supply Kit for the low price of $39.99, you can get five boxes, one bonus box, one roll of tape, 10 shipping label pouches, five zip ties, and one marker shipped to you. The supply kit can be purchased in your Collegeboxes account.

Mini Fridge for College: Buy It

A normal mini fridge can weigh around 60 lbs. Do you really want to potentially move that cross country? Probably not. However, mini fridges are a great appliance to have in a dorm room or an apartment because of the individual storage it provides you away from a shared fridge. We consider it to be essential for college students to have, there’s just no reason to ship it or try to move it with you.

Whether you use a moving truck or direct shipping, the best way to get a mini fridge into your college living space is simply to buy it in your college town. All college towns have stores equipped to serve the needs of students, making it more convenient for you.

Another idea is to check with your school. Different colleges and universities offer sustainable programs such as Barnard College’s Give and Go Green, which allows students to buy used items from previous students.

But what about bringing it back home for the summer? You don’t need to worry about that either. Collegeboxes, the top student storage provider, can store your mini fridge and the rest of your belongings. We store your belongings at a clean, dry, and secure U-Haul storage facility that you can access at any time. Because Collegeboxes is a division of U-Haul, students benefit from U-Haul’s network of more than 1,500 storage facilities across the United States.

Candles for College: Leave It

Most colleges don’t allow candles in dorm rooms as they present a huge fire hazard in a small area. We understand that your favorite scent freshens up the room, but there are easy alternatives to use instead. For light, there are LED candles that won’t break fire codes. If you care more about the smell, we suggest using a diffuser with essential oils and such. Bringing candles to college will likely get you in trouble with the housing office and it’s simply not worth the risk with other options available.

Room Decor for College: Bring It

Can you buy decor for your room once you get to college? Sure. Will it take a good amount of space when packing if you bring it? Yes. Then why not buy it at college? The reality is there are going to be items from home you’ll want to bring with you to your room. It’s also similar to clothes, you know the stores around you better and will have an easier time finding what you want to decorate your dorm room.

Whether it’s pictures, baskets, lights, or whatever you want for your room, it can easily be shipped with Collegeboxes. Using Ship to School or Direct Shipping, your items will get to your dorm or apartment safe and secure. Ship to School is the most convenient way for students to move to school. Simply pack your belongings, ship them to us, and we’ll deliver them to you when you get to school. For Direct Shipping, you pack, FedEx picks up your boxes from your home or mailroom and ships them to your destination.

Cleaning Supplies for College: Buy it

You’ll need cleaning supplies for your college living space. There’s probably a good deal at your local store for supplies before you leave too. Although, there’s that same deal at the store when you’re moving to as well. Grabbing the supplies once you get to college makes a ton of sense for multiple reasons.

If you buy the cleaning supplies at home and bring them with you to college, it’ll only take up more room in your boxes or moving truck. Buying them after you arrive at your dorm allows you to avoid any spills or supplies breaking open on the rest of your stuff. It also lets you talk about what supplies you need with your roommate(s) and who will be cleaning what. Wait till you get there to buy your cleaning supplies.

Printer for College: Leave It

Printers are big, bulky, and typically broken. Let’s be honest, printers can be a pain in the butt between connection errors and ink running out quickly. Most won’t work on your school’s Wi-Fi anyways. In a dorm room, they’ll take up more room than you want. The reality is you probably won’t even be using it that much as everything can be turned in online nowadays. Most schools also offer printing services included in your library usage on campus.

Whether your bringing, shipping, or buying your items, Collegeboxes and its dorm room movers can help. We serve over 350 schools and can fulfill all your storage and shipping needs. Sign up today for the best college moving experience.