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How to Make Your College Move-In Easier

Two young women in a dorm room sit on a bed and take a selfie, surrounded by moving boxes and textbooks.

It’s no secret that moving is one of the most stressful life events a person can go through. It can be a long process that pushes you to your absolute limits. It’s even tougher when you have to pack up your entire life and make it fit in a tiny dorm room. Starting college can be stressful already and packing without a strategy can only serve to make it worse. Going in with a game plan can help reduce anxiety and give you more time to think about how you’re going to decorate instead. If you’re completely new to the world of college move-in day, we have a crash course on what to expect before you get there. 

Does the Type of Box Matter?

Short answer: yes! Especially if you are moving across the country, the type of box you use will have a huge impact on how your belongings arrive. When it comes to shipping bigger and heavier items, certain boxes won’t be able to hold up to the job. Selecting the right box can really make the difference when it comes to avoiding accidents and keeping valuables safe. It may be tempting to use that old box in your parent’s garage, but if it looks like it could fall apart—it probably will. 

Many people don’t know this, but there are multiple types of cardboard boxes. There are plenty of sizes to choose from with varying strength. Not every box is the right one for the job. If you are interested in learning more about what boxes may work best for you, we have you covered. 

Looking for the easier option? Collegeboxes offers a Shipping Supply Kit that comes with 5 roomy boxes and all the supplies you need to start packing. If needed, you can create an account and Collegeboxes will coordinate pickup and delivery to most dorms in North America. To give you a better idea of how much you can fit in just one of our boxes, we have created a guide for reference

Be Thoughtful While Packing

Moving is a lot of work, so it can be easy to procrastinate when it comes to packing up. However, leaving everything until the last moment will lead to you chaotically shoving things into boxes without rhyme or reason. This can not only put you at risk of breaking valuable items, but it can make it harder to utilize all the space you have.  

To start off, write down all the necessities you will need. Some common items would be things like bedding, books, and electronics. From there, you can pack up everything that may not be as important, like extra clothes or knickknacks. Be strategic while you pack things away. Avoid putting all your heavy things in one box or packing fragile items without proper protection. Also be mindful of what you should keep, toss, or buy for your move. 

Looking for more tips on becoming a packing pro? Lucky for you, we have an article on that, too! 

Find Low-Cost Alternatives

If you are looking to save some money during this process, there are plenty of options out there. Skip on the movers and do it yourself! While using your own car would be one of the cheapest options, sometimes it just isn’t enough space for everything you need. Another alternative would be renting a truck or trailer, which immediately frees up some more space for you.  Fun fact, college students have been renting trailers from U-Haul since 1945! With U-Haul locations all over the United States, renting and returning trucks and trailers has never been easier. You can turn in your rented vehicle to any location in North America, hassle free.

Try Shipping

Another low-cost alternative, did you know that Collegeboxes can ship and store your belongings for you? With our Ship to School service, we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. When you create an account with Collegeboxes, you can order shipping supplies and set up a time for one of our movers to come pick it up for you. Once your packages make it to your desired destination, they are stored temporarily and delivered to campus on move-in day. Just like that, all the hard work is over and all that’s left is to decorate the dorm. You can learn more about the full process here. We also created a guide that can help you prepare for shipping and allow you to have a seamless transition while moving (and reduce the risk of something breaking along the way). 

Packing up for college doesn’t seem so scary now, does it? Once you take a second to create a strategy, the rest falls into place pretty easily. Remember, this is supposed to be an exciting time in your life, not a stressful one. Take a deep breath and remember to enjoy the process, it’ll be over before you know it!