Let the experts in student moves provide an easier and more affordable way to move to and from school! Items are picked up from your dorm room, stored or shipped, and delivered back to campus when you return.  Students manage the entire process from their account.  

Sign up, pack up, and let Collegeboxes handle the rest!  

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University Storage and Shipping for College Students


  Collegeboxes Services:

Summer Storage and Shipping

Have your belongings picked up from your dorm room and placed in storage for summer (or) shipped home, or anywhere worldwide.

Study Abroad Storage and Shipping

Have your belongings picked up from your dorm room prior to a study abroad program, placed in storage for summer while you’re away and (or) shipped home, or anywhere worldwide.

Ship To School

Ship boxes and luggage from home prior to moving back into your dorm room. We receive and temporarily place everything in summer storage to be delivered when you arrive.

U-Box Portable Storage Referral

Rent the U-Haul U-Box container when you need to store or move a large amount of belongings in a safe, secure and affordable manner.

Direct Shipping

Get direct college shipping services from one address to another anytime, year round. Schedule a free pickup and ship your belongings anywhere, worldwide.

International Shipping

To receive a free international college box shipping quote, just fill out our International Shipping Quote form today.

  Why Choose Collegeboxes?

Free* Pickup & Delivery

Sit back, relax and let Collegeboxes handle the heavy lifting. We make college summer storage easy! *On pre-scheduled dates

Boxes & Supplies

The Collegeboxes supply kit contains everything you need for only $39.99 (plus tax). The kit includes 5 double-walled boxes (24”x16”x18”), roll of tape, marker, 5 zip ties and 10 label pouches.

Online Sign Up & Account Management

Manage the process of shipping your stuff to college all in one place. Sign up online, print labels, order supplies, see status updates and view or schedule pickup and delivery.

Barcode Tracking & Live Updates

We use barcode technology to track your collegeboxes. Receive live service updates the day of your move so you can rest easy knowing you will be notified when we arrive at your dorm.

Endorsed by College Administrators

We work with school administrators at many of the colleges we serve. Our goal is the same as theirs: to make dorm move-in and move-out easy for students and parents.

$100 of Free Declared Valuation Protection

Prices include $100 of declared valuation protection for each item shipped or stored. Additional declared valuation protection costs $3.00 per $100 of coverage.

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