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How will I know when my delivery will occur?

Choose your preferred delivery date within your Collegeboxes account. You will be provided with a delivery window during which your items are scheduled to arrive, typically between 10 AM and 4 PM.

Our team will proactively reach out to you via text or phone call prior to their arrival, ensuring you have advance notice of their delivery time. Expect this contact approximately 15-20 minutes before their scheduled arrival. Our team will handle the unloading and placement of your items in your new space.

In the days leading up to your scheduled delivery, please ensure that you are prepared to receive your items. This may involve confirming that someone will be available at the delivery location during the specified window and verifying your delivery address.

Can I request a specific delivery time?

Regrettably, due to the high volume of student deliveries, we are unable to accommodate specific delivery times. Instead, you will be provided with a delivery window during which you can anticipate the delivery. For example, your delivery window may fall between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM on a designated date.

If you have particular scheduling needs or constraints, we recommend arranging for a proxy who can receive your items on your behalf while you are unavailable. Please communicate these preferences by including them in the 'Delivery Notes' section when scheduling your delivery or reach out to Collegeboxes customer service via email or text message, and they will record these details in your account.

Can I pick up my things at your storage facility?

Certainly, you have the option to retrieve your items from our nearby storage facility. To do so, please schedule a self-pickup appointment with us. Please note that we kindly request a minimum of 3 business days' notice to ensure your items are prepared for pickup. Feel free to get in touch with us to arrange a pickup time. Request a Self-Pick-up appointment.

Can I change my delivery date?

Yes, you have the option to log in to your account and reschedule your delivery for another available date. If your desired date is not available, you can you can request a special delivery. Special delivery arrangements start at $475 and are subject to availability. Additionally, you are welcome to personally pick up your items at our storage facility by requesting an appointment with us. Please note that we kindly request a minimum of 3 business days' notice to ensure your items are prepared for pickup.

Please be aware that the availability of delivery slots can fluctuate depending on demand and the time of year. During peak periods, such as the beginning of the academic year, delivery slots may be in high demand, which could limit flexibility in rescheduling.

Can I choose a delivery date that is not listed?

If your preferred delivery date is not available, you have the option to arrange a special delivery, with pricing starting at $475, subject to availability. Alternatively, you can choose to drop off your items at our storage facility, with scheduling coordinated through our team. Please request an appointment to schedule.

To enhance the probability of securing your desired delivery date, we recommend scheduling your Collegeboxes delivery well in advance, particularly during peak periods. Doing so significantly improves your chances of securing your preferred date. We also encourage flexibility in your planning; if your ideal delivery date is unavailable, consider selecting the closest available date and adjusting your schedule accordingly.

How do I add a proxy to my account?

If you have a proxy representing you, please ensure that this information is clearly indicated in the pickup or delivery details within your Collegeboxes account. If you require assistance in adding your proxy information, kindly reach out to us via email or text message at 781-428-4262.

What if I miss my delivery?

If you happen to miss your scheduled delivery, please note that a missed delivery fee will be applied, and your items will be returned to storage. To address this, kindly request to reschedule your delivery for the next available date or discuss suitable alternative options regarding both the date and time. Our team will collaborate with you to identify an open delivery slot, although please be aware that special delivery services, starting at $475, are subject to availability.

For added convenience, you can also arrange to pick up your items directly from our storage facility. We kindly request a minimum of three business days' notice for pickup arrangements, so please request an appointment.

Please be mindful that during peak periods, rescheduling delivery slots may have limited availability. Consequently, we recommend being flexible with your preferred dates to ensure a successful delivery.

Can I have my items delivered to a new school?

Yes, we recognize that college students frequently require assistance in moving their belongings between schools or off-campus locations, and we are here to facilitate this process. We offer the option to ship your items to your new school via FedEx.

When you are prepared to have your items shipped to your new school, please follow these steps: log into your account, access your delivery information, and select 'off campus' to input your new mailing address. Please keep in mind that our shipping services are limited to boxed items and luggage.

To ensure a seamless transition between schools or housing options, it's essential to communicate your specific delivery requirements and provide the address of your new school or location as soon as it becomes available.

What if I do not know my delivery address? Can I update my delivery location later?

Not sure about your delivery location? No worries! You can update it closer to your move-in date.

If you need to schedule delivery before knowing your dorm information, just choose "I don’t know my dorm" as your delivery location. Then, you can select a delivery date. Once you know your dorm and room number, you can update that information.

However, it's advisable to plan ahead whenever possible to prevent any last-minute complications or delivery delays. Once you have a confirmed delivery address and date, please log in to your Collegeboxes account promptly to complete and finalize your delivery information.

When will delivery dates be available?

We align our delivery dates with the academic calendars of schools. Delivery dates are typically released in the weeks leading up to the beginning of the school year, during summer and winter breaks, or before the start of a new semester.

Generally, fall delivery dates become available online starting in early July, while winter delivery dates can be accessed beginning in early October.

To secure your preferred delivery date, we highly recommend scheduling your Collegeboxes service well in advance. Delivery slots for popular dates, such as those coinciding with the start of the school year, tend to fill up rapidly. Therefore, early booking significantly improves your chances of securing your desired date.

For those with some flexibility in their schedules, considering a range of delivery dates can enhance the likelihood of finding an available slot that suits your needs.

I am not able to select a delivery date. What should I do?

To choose a delivery date, start by clicking the 'Change Delivery Location' button to select your delivery location. Once that's done, you can proceed to select your desired delivery date by clicking the 'Change Delivery Date' button.

What if I am returning to school early?

If you are returning to school early and need your stored items before the standard delivery dates, you have a few options:

Self-Pickup: You can schedule a self-pickup from the storage facility. Be sure to provide at least 3 business days' notice to schedule the pickup. Request Self Pickup.

Special Delivery: If you require an early delivery of your items, you can request a special delivery. Special delivery pricing starts at $475 and is subject to availability. Request Special Delivery

Please plan ahead and make arrangements as soon as you know your early return date to ensure we can accommodate your request, especially during peak periods when availability for early pickups or special deliveries may be limited.

What if I am not returning to school?

If you are not returning to school, you can have your boxed items shipped home via FedEx ground. To arrange for home shipping, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Collegeboxes account.

2. Under the "Delivery" section, click on the "Change Location" button.

3. Select the "Off Campus" radio button.

4. Enter your home address and specify the date you'd like to have your items shipped.

5. Confirm your shipping address and date.

This process will allow you to arrange for your items to be shipped directly to your home address.

I have unshippable items on my account. How do I handle this?

We utilize FedEx Ground for shipping and can only ship boxed items and luggage. If you have storage items in your account that cannot be shipped, such as furniture or appliances, you can arrange to have these larger items picked up from our storage facility. Alternatively, we can assist in having these items donated on your behalf.

Can a third party pick up my things?

Certainly, you have the option to designate a third party to pick up your items on your behalf. However, this requires advanced scheduling (a minimum of 3 business days). We will need to be informed about the specific vendor or moving company that will handle the pickup. Please provide the necessary details in advance to facilitate a smooth pickup process.

How do I schedule my delivery?

To schedule your delivery, follow these steps:

1. Log into your account and scroll to the bottom of the account page.

2. Look for the section titled “Delivery Information for Your Storage Items (Move-In)”.

3. Click on the “Change Location” button.

4. If you will be living on campus, select “On Campus” and choose your dorm from the drop-down menu. Enter your room number.

5. If you are moving off campus or transferring to a new school, select “Off Campus”. Enter the mailing address at your new school and save.

6. Once you have entered your delivery location, click on the “Change Date” button.

7. Select the delivery date that best fits your schedule.

If you need your items on a date that is not listed, you can request an alternative delivery date or schedule a pick-up from our facility. Please request an appointment to schedule.

When should I schedule my delivery? How far in advance?

To secure your preferred delivery date, it's essential to schedule as soon as you have the information available. Don't wait until the last minute! You can always make changes or cancel delivery if needed.

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