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Collegeboxes isn’t just for college students. We also offer our services at boarding schools across the U.S. Our Ship to School service is ideal for boarding school seniors getting ready to make the transition to college. Students simply pack up their belongings, then we pick up, ship, store near their future college or university, and deliver directly to their residence on move-in day.

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Our Services

Graduating Senior Ship to College
Ship your boxes from your boarding school to us. We will store them for the summer and deliver them to you when you arrive at your new school.

Direct Shipping
Direct Shipping is ideal when all you need is shipping. You pack, FedEx picks up your boxes from your home or mailroom and ships to your destination.

Boarding School Ship to School
Ship to School is the most convenient way for students to move to school. Simply pack your belongings, ship them to us, and we’ll deliver them to you when you get to school.

Storage and Shipping
Storage and Shipping is an innovative moving solution that simplifies the college moving process. Ship what you want, store what you want – any combination.

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    Boarding School FAQs

    What if my boarding school is not listed?

    Our direct shipping service can be used at any school to ship packages to and from campus. Simply leave your boxes with your campus mailroom and we will schedule FedEx to pick them up.

    If you are graduating, you can use our ship to school service to ship your items to your future college. We will deliver them to you when you move in.

    Can packages be shipped internationally?

    Yes. We ship via FedEx international Economy Air. Shipping internationally can be a tedious task, but the good news is that Collegeboxes shipping team will prepare all required labels and customs documentation and email it to you. Explore International Shipping.

    What can I ship?

    You can ship boxes and luggage.

    Can parents create accounts for students?

    Yes. Parents can create an account under their student’s name. In addition, parents can add inventory and print labels for their student. The Collegeboxes system will communicate directly to students, reminding them of pickup/delivery times and service dates.