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College student sitting on a bench and writing

Most Affordable Ways to Move to College

Heading off to college is an exciting time, but the logistics of getting there can often be a headache. From packing up your belongings to figuring out how to transport them, the process can be both time-consuming and expensive. But fear not – as Collegeboxes is here...
Back to School Shipping with Collegeboxes

Back to School Shipping: What to Expect

Ever wonder how Collegeboxes moves thousands of students to school with our Ship to School program? Wonder no longer as we provide an in-depth look at how it all works! Where to Begin To start, an account is created on, and shipping supplies are...
Move-In Day Guide

What to Expect on College Move-In Day

As a parent of a college student, what can you expect on move-in day? Collegeboxes helps guide you through the process and how to make it as easy as possible.

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Two women in a dorm surrounded by boxes filled with stuff.

Using the My Belongings Organizer with Collegeboxes

Sep 6, 2023

At Collegeboxes, we revolutionized the way students move at school. With our summer storage service, you can forget about having to haul everything back to…

Girl working on her laptop at an outside table.

Student Discounts to Look Out For in 2023

Sep 5, 2023

Going to college can get pretty expensive! Most students are trying to save money, but sometimes it can be harder than it looks. Budgeting can…

things to do as a college student in philadelphia

5 Things to Do as a College Student in Philadelphia

Sep 5, 2023

Guest Blogger: Riya Mehra, Drexel University ’26 Philadelphia is the perfect place to be if you crave the city lifestyle, but don’t want to deal…

Useful Items Commonly Forgot When Moving to College

Useful Items Commonly Forgot When Moving to College

Aug 25, 2023

Packing for college, or anywhere even, can always be a hassle. There are the checklists, the making everything fit, and the last-second items that always…

What to Do as a College Student in Cleveland, Ohio

What to Do as a College Student in Cleveland, Ohio

Aug 25, 2023

Guest Blogger: Kade Mindry, Cleveland State University ’24 There are plenty of things for students and people, in general, to do in Cleveland, Ohio. I…

Collegeboxes Signature Box sitting on a rug under a wooden desk

4 Ways to Reuse Your Collegeboxes Signature Box

Aug 23, 2023

Moving can be hard, but the aftermath can be overwhelming, too. Once you get your last item put away, you’re left with a mountain of…

Hidden Things to Do in Tempe, Arizona- Home of the Sun Devils!

Hidden Things to Do in Tempe, Arizona- Home of the Sun Devils!

Aug 21, 2023

Mads Presley, SDSU, ’25 I know what you’re all thinking… “Mads! Why are you writing about ASU when you go to SDSU?” Well, the truth…

A girl with long hair and glasses looking at books in a library

6 Tips for Going to Boarding School

Aug 15, 2023

Boarding schools are a great way to get an amazing education and unique experiences. But sometimes it can be hard for students to adjust. If…

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