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Preparing Items For Shipping

Preparing Items for Shipping

When students use Collegeboxes, everything is done for them… except for the packing. It is important to make sure that you pack the boxes properly, keeping in mind that they are being shipped. Unsure of how to go about properly packing for shipping? These simple guidelines will have you packing like a pro.

Preparing Items for Shipping


Fill in empty spaces with bubble wrap or other air fillers.

Wrap more breakable items in packing paper or other packing supplies to keep them protected.

Bonus: wrap items in clothing items to save space & protect your items.

Place items that are easily affected by moisture or dirt inside plastic bags

Leave at least 2″ of space around the walls of the box to fill with air fillers, bubble wrap, or clothing to double the protection from items sliding around.

Preparing Items for Shipping


It is a great idea to place a second copy of your shipping label inside your box as a backup in the event that the label on the outside of your box comes off.

Ship non-fragile items such as bedding, clothing, etc. inside a sturdy outer box.

Use only good, sturdy boxes.

For heavier items like books, you will want to use a box that is “double-walled”.

Our Collegebox is a double-walled box

Using sturdy shipping boxes is important to ensure your items stay it in great conditon.

How to Prepare Items for Shipping


Use a pressure-sensitive plastic tape at least 2” wide (included in the Collegeboxes Supply Kit).

Tape your box evenly across flaps and seams to both the top and bottom of the outer box. Use the “H taping Method” in this image.

label shipping box


Place delivery information inside and outside the package, including an address for your recipient and for yourself.

Remove or cross out any old address labels that are on your box.

Write your name and shipping address on your box in addition to your actual shipping label.

This will make sure it still ships in case the shipping label falls off.

Place package labels and packing slips facing the same direction on the same side of the package.

Place shipping labels on the package’s largest surface.

Do not place them around a corner or directly on an edge or seam of the package.

And there you have it! By using these preparation tips you’ll be ready for whatever your belongings being shipped run into. From extra wrapping to extra addresses, Collegeboxes will be there every step of the way. Trust us to ship your things to college and sail away!