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Three movers surrounded by CollegeBoxes branded boxes and a U-Haul truck.

Elevating Student Moves

Collegeboxes is committed to transforming the student moving experience with innovative, sustainable solutions. Our mission is to simplify the moving process for students and partnering educational institutions nationwide, promoting convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. With a focus on sustainability and excellence, we strive to be the trusted ally that turns moving challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

Our Story 

For more than two decades, Collegeboxes has dedicated itself to crafting a seamless moving experience for both students and educational institutions. Our commitment lies in addressing the specific storage and shipping needs of each student, and from the very beginning, we have been setting the industry standard. 

Becoming the foremost provider of student storage was no quick feat. In our 20-year history, we have traversed a journey marked by diligence, creativity, and a profound passion for our mission to provide a seamless moving experience for students.  

1999: The Birth of Collegeboxes at Duke University

1999: The Birth of Collegeboxes at Duke University 

Arnaud Karsenti, an engineering major at Duke University, transforms a class assignment into a business opportunity, giving rise to the innovative concept of Dukeboxes. This service revolutionizes summer storage for Duke students by securely storing furniture, microwaves, and bikes, and streamlining the process of retrieval after breaks. 

Early 2000s: Collaborative Growth and Expansion 

Karsenti collaborates with Maria Velissaris, creator of “Wakeboxes” for Wake Forest University students, forming the partnership that leads to the creation of Collegeboxes. Fueled by collaboration and determination, they aim to provide affordable storage solutions to a broader range of students, experiencing rapid growth, serving 7,000 students, and partnering with 45 schools in just five years. 

2008: Store to Door Acquisition

2008: Store to Door Acquisition 

Store to Door acquires Collegeboxes, a service catering to 50 schools nationwide. This strategic union provides Collegeboxes with access to advanced features such as a sophisticated bar-coding system, online tracking, and date stamping—integral components that continue to shape the company’s services today. 

Late 2009: U-Haul Partnership 

U-Haul acquires Collegeboxes, a pivotal moment that propels the business to new heights. The integration expands capabilities, offering a wider range of storage, shipping, and delivery options. Customers gain access to U-Haul rentals, including trucks, U-Box containers, storage rooms, and the extensive Moving Help Marketplace, enriching the services offered. 

With over 75 years of experience, U-Haul’s constant innovation and development make them industry leaders and the perfect partner for Collegeboxes. This synergy ensures that the combined offering stands out in terms of both diversity and affordability, surpassing other student storage companies. 

2014: Achieving Milestone  

Collegeboxes experienced significant growth by expanding its services to over 300 schools across the United States. This achievement highlighted Collegeboxes’ commitment to nationwide student needs, establishing it as a key player in storage and shipping, and a preferred choice for student moving. 

2023: Expanding Horizons to Canada 

Collegeboxes takes a significant step in its expansion strategy, entering the Canadian market. This expansion aims to provide the same seamless moving experience synonymous with the brand in the United States, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s journey to cater to the unique needs of students in Canada. 

Trained Professional Movers 

We take pride in our distinctive moving service, utilizing U-Haul’s dedicated team of local Moving Helpers. What truly distinguishes us is our tailored training program, where every member of our moving team undergoes rigorous training to excel in all facets of Collegeboxes moves.  

Whether moving to or from school, our teams are dedicated and thoroughly trained to guarantee a seamless and efficient moving experience. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each move is handled with expertise, making the transition to or from school a hassle-free journey. 

Collegeboxes Moving Helper

Campus Collaborations

Our service options are meticulously crafted to facilitate stress-free student moving experiences, benefiting not only students but also school housing departments. Through partnerships with numerous schools nationwide, we work to streamline the campus moving process, eradicating traffic jams and congestion that often accompany move-in day. 

Collegeboxes Sustainability


Reusable Boxes 

Our Collegeboxes Signature box is designed for durability, offering students the opportunity to use the same boxes throughout their entire four-year college journey. Easily disassembled and conveniently stowed under a bed or in a closet, these boxes are not only practical but also environmentally conscious. 

Contribution to Reduced CO2 Emissions 

A single Collegeboxes truck can transport over 40 students, replacing individual vehicles, reducing travel, minimizing congestion, and lowering CO2 emissions. Each mile of eliminated driving saves approximately 12 pounds of CO2 emissions, highlighting our commitment to a greener, more sustainable approach to student moving. 

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