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What’s in the Collegeboxes Supply Kit?

The Supply Kit being used in storage

Collegeboxes is the No.1 student storage and shipping provider in the nation. We’ve been serving students since 1999 and have expanded across the country. During that time, we’ve figured out the perfect solution for college students to move their stuff to and from college. The Collegeboxes Supply Kit is the ideal combination of moving boxes and moving supplies for college moving. Your purchase qualifies you for Collegeboxes pickup and delivery to your dorm anywhere in North America! 

Collegeboxes Supply Kit

Here is what is in your kit:  

  • 5 double-walled boxes (24″x16″x18″ 4.0 cu ft) 
  • 1 bonus box (36″x24″x7 3.5 cu ft)  
  • 1 permanent marker 
  • 1 roll of U-Haul packaging tape 
  • 10 FedEx label pouches 
  • 5 zip ties 
  • 2 Collegeboxes luggage tags 

College Moving Premier Boxes   

The Collegeboxes Supply Kit makes college moving anywhere easier. We serve over 350 schools and do international shipping as well. Our boxes are more than your standard moving boxes. Whether you’re using our Storage and Shipping, Ship to School, or Direct Shipping service, the Signature Collegeboxes box will protect your items. 

The box is double-walled for heavy-duty protection. What that means is that it is a double-wall corrugated box. Corrugated cardboard is much stronger than the cardboard used for your cereal box. Boxes that use corrugated cardboard have three layers of paper; an interior liner, an external liner, and the ruffled, fluted material sandwiched between those liners. This makes the box durable but lightweight and cost-effective at the same time.  

The double-walled box is even more impressive and can stand up to anything in shipping. Our boxes can carry up to 106 lbs for all your clothes and décor. Mom and dad shouldn’t worry about the boxes arriving safely either despite all the horror stories and bad experiences with other boxes. The Collegeboxes box has an edge crush test rating of 51, for comparison, the standard box has a 32 ECT. The boxes also feature puncture-resistant side walls.  

Use the tape provided when you’ve finished packing up your box to make sure it is securely closed. If you have any unboxed items you’ll be needing the zip ties to secure your label (inside your label pouch) to each item. Use the marker to write your name and Customer ID on all of the boxes. Label pouches will be used for any items you are storing or shipping, slide the label in and attach the pouch to the item. 

For the low cost of $39.99, the Collegeboxes Supply Kit can help you conquer move-in or move-out day. Whether you’re moving out of state or an international student, the kit is your best choice for college moving. Get your kit and sign up for Collegeboxes today

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