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Moving Solutions for International Students

An international student is moving out of her dorm with Collegeboxes.

Going to school overseas is one of the most exciting life opportunities available to college students. As exciting as it is, there is a lot to take care of as you prepare to travel and make a temporary home in a foreign country. In addition to getting your finances together, finishing school and visa applications, and completing other crucial tasks, you also need to make moving arrangements. 

The good news is international student moving doesn’t have to be difficult. If you get the right help, you can get your stuff from point A to point B in a stress-free manner while you focus on more important things. Here are some tips from Collegeboxes to make international student moving easier. 

Solution 1: Ship Your Stuff Home with International Student Baggage Shipping 

After the semester comes to an end and you’re ready to head home for the summer – or for good – you’ll need to research your options for student shipping overseas. There are plenty of international shipping providers, but we recommend finding a provider that specializes in student moving. The reason? Student shipping and moving providers streamline the process by picking up your items from your location and shipping them directly to your destination, often for a lower rate.  

When you’re ready, check out some of our packing tips to ensure you ship your items successfully. 

How Much Does International Student Shipping Cost?

You probably already know that international shipping can be costly. But it also depends on a few variables. For instance, shipping one or two light pieces of luggage from the U.S. to Canada will be cheaper than shipping several heavy boxes from the U.S. to Asia. It all depends on number of items, the weight, the destination, and point of origin. Keep those factors in mind as you plan your move. 

International Student Shipping with Collegeboxes

To get a guaranteed low rate, try Collegeboxes. We offer international shipping via FedEx Economy Air for affordable rates. Our international shipping service also includes convenient at-your-doorstep pickup and shipping anywhere worldwide. We also provide all documentation required to send your packages abroad. When you choose Collegeboxes for your international shipping needs, you don’t have to cross your fingers and hope you have provided all the necessary documentation. The shipping and logistics experts at Collegeboxes make sure all required documentation is included in each shipment. Fill out a quote form to get started. 

If you’re not shipping internationally, simply sign up and use our Direct College Shipping service

Solution 2: Keep Your Stuff Near Campus with Student Storage 

Another convenient choice for international students looking for an end-of-semester moving solution is student storage. How it works is simple: when the semester comes to end, you can use self-storage for your larger dorm room essentials like bedding, your mini fridge, microwave, and other items you won’t need until next school year. Rather than ship these items wherever you’re headed – which will be costly – you can keep them in a secure, dry self-storage facility over the summer break until you need them again. Everything else can go with you in a carry-on bag.

Student Storage Tips

If you’re going the summer storage route, there are some simple things you can do to ensure your items are taken care of. Here are some hand-picked storage tips by the college moving experts at Collegeboxes: 

  • Consider climate-controlled storage for electronics, clothing, and small appliances 
  • Label your boxes clearly to avoid confusion 
  • Pack like items together and distribute weight evenly 
  • Don’t store valuable items like jewelry, cash, or collectibles 
  • Use heavy-duty double-walled moving boxes for added safe keeping 
  • Use Enviro-Bubble®, Packing Paper, and newspaper to protect fragile items 

Before you go shopping for a self-storage unit yourself, consider what our Storage and Shipping service can do for you. Storage with Collegeboxes includes pickup, storage or shipping, and delivery to your dorm room the following semester.  

For more information, please visit our International Shipping Service page.

Ready to get your international student moving journey underway? Sign up for Collegeboxes today! Have questions about our international student moving services? Shoot us an email or use our online chat tool to get in touch. Our college moving experts are happy to help you get the answers you need.