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Moving to College Checklist

Collegeboxes checklist for students moving to college.

College demands a lot. Moving away from home for the first time, making friends with new people, studying, and learning new courses. But it all starts with moving. Your family might believe they know the necessities, but it’s hard to think about everything.  

That’s why Collegeboxes put together a moving to college checklist for you. From bath and grooming items to your electronic needs, this list will help you be ready for college.

Dorm Room Essentials  

Every college checklist will start with your living space. You’re going to be living there for almost an entire calendar year. You want to make it comfortable and make it yours. While in college, you’ll run into things you never expected, and these essentials will be handy for those times.  


Most dorm rooms or other college housing come with a very uncomfortable bed. There are easy ways to fix that. You spend more time in your bed than you think, and you want to make it the best you can.

Bedding items for students to pack for college


Whether it’s a communal bathroom or private, you’re going to need bathroom supplies. Keeping your bathroom space neat and organized will be your best move.

Bath items for students to pack for college

Food and Dishware 

You can’t eat every meal out while in college. We promise cooking for yourself isn’t that hard, and if you don’t believe us try these five easy college meals to make in your dorm room.

Food and dishware items for students to pack for college


The dorm room you’re living in won’t be yours forever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it yours for now. Décor will help the room feel more like home and make for a better study environment. Here’s are a few ways to decorate your dorm room as well.

Decor items for students to pack for college.

Things Every College Student Needs 

Not everything a college student needs will go in their dorm room. From laundry supplies to getting your backpack and laptop, to remember your most important documents, these are more significant items to add to your college checklist.  


College housing can’t fit all your clothes from home. It’s best to bring about 2-3 weeks’ worth of clothes that you can always change out when you go home for breaks. If you don’t know how to pack your clothes for college, we can help with that too.

Clothing items for students to pack for college.

School Supplies 

You’re in college now, you don’t need a school supplies list, right? Not all your assignments and note-taking can be on your computer. As we said in our study tips piece, writing information down while studying helps you retain it.

School supplies students should pack for college.


Now, you will need a laptop and a few other things. Whether it’s for entertainment or to get the best grades, there are other electronics you’ll need as well. You’re going to want a fast internet connection and ways to relax.

Electronics and other items for students to pack for college.

Other Essentials  

There are plenty of other items to bring with you to college. Essentials such as cleaning supplies and grooming tools or even taking a bike to school.

Other essentials for students to pack for college.

College Moving Supplies 

Moving your entire college checklist doesn’t happen with a snap of your fingers. You’ll need to get the supplies for your move.

And here is where to start: 

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