Study Abroad Storage & Shipping Services

Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding college experiences out there. But have you thought about what you will do with your things while you adventure abroad? Collegeboxes has a solution. We pick up, store, and ship your belongings anywhere worldwide while you’re away, then deliver your items back to you when you return home. All you have to do is pack.

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Our Study Abroad Services 

Storage and Shipping 

Going to be away for a semester or longer? Keep your items safe and secure at our facility near campus. When you return from your adventures abroad, we will deliver your items right to your door. 

International Shipping

Wherever your ventures take you, we can get you there. Our moving specialist will guide you through the entire process and provide you with all documentation required to send your packages overseas. To get started fill out our international shipping quote form.

Direct Shipping 

Whether you need to send your packages abroad or back home, take advantage of our low shipping rates. FedEx will pick up your packages from your off-campus address or campus mail room and ship them anywhere world-wide. 

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Study Abroad FAQs 

What is studying abroad?

Studying abroad is when a college student travels to a different country to continue their education and earn college credit. Students live in that country for either a semester or longer while studying abroad. Collegeboxes is here to help students with their storage and shipping needs during this time.

How long can I store my belongings?

As long as you need. Enjoy your time traveling abroad, whether that’s for just a semester or longer, and we will keep your items safe for as long as you are away.

How much does study abroad storage cost?

Our storage rates are per item per term and include pickup and delivery of your items. If you will be away for more than one semester such as leaving campus in December and returning the next fall in August, you would pay for two terms of storage. For more details visit our pricing page.

What if I’m participating in Domestic Exchange?

If you are staying stateside, much like studying abroad, we can store and ship your belongings. With the growing number of students participating in domestic exchange programs, many are using resources like the National Student Exchange to plan their program, and Collegeboxes makes sure you can focus on your adventure and not moving.

Where are my items stored?

Your items are stored at a clean, dry, and secure U-Haul storage facility located near your campus. You always have access to your belongings. When you return from abroad, we’ll transport your belongings back to your campus, or to your home.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

It depends factors like where you’re studying, for how long, and whether you’re receiving financial aid or some other assistance. In general, expect to pay tuition, in addition to travel, food, and housing costs. Check with your school’s global education office for more information about scholarships and other study abroad financial aid to get a better idea.

Are my items protected?

Yes. We provide $100 worth of valuation per shipped or stored item. We strongly recommend the purchase of additional valuation in cases where the replacement value of your possessions exceeds $100 per package. Additional valuation can be purchased by indicating the desired amount of declared value when you enter the item on your inventory form online.

What should I pack for studying abroad?

Start with the essentials, like your passport, local currency, cell phone and computer charger, and toiletries. You’ll also need clothing specific to the region and time of year. Beyond that, we recommend you pack light to save money on luggage and travel fees. You can purchase extra items when you arrive.