Transferring Schools?

Collegeboxes provides affordable moving options for students transferring across the country or simply moving back home to attend a local college. Collegeboxes can ship anywhere and can store your items at thousands of U-Haul locations nationwide, all while providing pickup and delivery!

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Our Services

Ship to School 

Your packages will be picked up by FedEx from the mail room at your current school and shipped to the Collegeboxes facility near your future college where they will be stored until you move in. On the move-in day your boxes will be delivered to your door at your new school. 

Direct Shipping 

Whether transferring abroad or staying in the U.S., take advantage of our low shipping rates. FedEx will pick up your packages from your off-campus address or campus mail room and ship them to your new destination. 

Storage and Shipping 

Not sure what school you’re transferring to and need to have your items stored temporarily? Have your belongings picked up from your room and stored near campus. Once you have your mailing address at your new school, Collegeboxes will ship your boxes to your mailroom via FedEx.  

Tips for Transferring Schools

Meet with Advisors

Schedule an appointment to meet with your advisors as soon as possible. They can assist with you class schedule and point out key courses you should be enrolling in.

Understand Financial Changes

Research tuition, fees, and other expenses at your new school. At some institutions there are scholarships, grants, loans, and financial aid available specifically for transfer students.

Will Your Credits Transfer

When you meet with your advisor be sure to ask about transfer credit. Some of your classes and credits may not transfer to your new school.

Schedule a Campus Tour

Visiting a school is the best way to learn if it is the right fit for you. See what sets the campus apart from others. Many universities even offer virtual tours.

Enroll in Orientation

Even though this isn’t your first college experience it is important to attend orientation. You’ll learn the campus culture and traditions and meet with advisors. This is also a great opportunity to meet friends!

Have a plan for move in day

If you’ve been assigned a move-in time, be on time and prepared. Are there elevators, or only stairs? Will there be anyone to help, or are you on your own? These are some questions you might want to answer ahead of time. Remember to plan for a long day – bring some snacks, water, and cleaning supplies if you can.