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Sending Love Beyond Campus: Valentine’s Day Care Packages 

Valentine's Day Care Package

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to express love and warmth, especially when your college student is miles away from home. Collegeboxes provides an excellent solution for parents looking to send heartfelt care packages to their kids on campus, making it a breeze to share love, treats, and thoughtful surprises.  

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Collegeboxes takes the hassle out of shipping care packages. Parents can navigate our user-friendly platform to schedule pickups, choose shipping options, and track packages with ease. This convenience allows you to focus on curating a delightful Valentine’s Day surprise for your college student. 

Personalized Packages

With Collegeboxes shipping service, you have the freedom to personalize care packages to reflect your child’s preferences. From favorite snacks to heartwarming notes, you can create a package that feels like a warm hug from home. Add in some Valentine’s Day-themed goodies, such as chocolates, heart-shaped treats, or a personalized card to make the package extra special. 

Gift Ideas

Sweet Treats:

  • Heart-shaped chocolates or candies
  • Valentine’s Day-themed cookies
  • Candy conversation hearts


  • Their favorite snacks or chips
  • Trail mix or mixed nuts
  • Popcorn with a festive seasoning

Warm Beverages:

  • Hot chocolate packets with marshmallows
  • Specialty tea or coffee
  • Heart-shaped or Valentine’s Day-themed mug

Handwritten Notes:

  • Personalized, heartfelt letters or notes
  • Encouraging quotes or affirmations
  • Inside jokes or shared memories

Cozy Comforts:

  • Soft and cozy socks
  • Blanket or throw
  • A scented candle for a relaxing atmosphere

Valentine’s Day Decorations:

  • Small decorations like heart garlands
  • Red or pink streamers
  • Confetti or balloons for a festive touch

Gift Cards:

  • A gift card to their favorite local coffee shop or restaurant
  • Online shopping or streaming service gift cards
  • Campus bookstore or supplies store gift card

Customized Items:

  • Customized phone case or laptop decal
  • Personalized jewelry or accessories
  • Custom-printed photo book or calendar

Streamlined Shipping Process

Shipping with Collegeboxes streamlines the entire shipping process, ensuring that your care package reaches your student in a timely and secure manner. Whether it’s a selection of homemade cookies or a collection of their favorite comfort foods, you can trust Collegeboxes to handle the logistics, allowing you to surprise your child without worrying about the shipping process. 

Budget-Friendly Options

Sending love shouldn’t break the bank and Collegeboxes offers discounted shipping. Parents can get shipping quotes by adding items to their Collegeboxes account. Check rates for different sizes and weights of boxes. This flexibility ensures that you can share love on Valentine’s Day without stressing about excessive costs. 

Stress-Free Tracking

Stay in the know with Collegeboxes’ tracking feature. Parents can monitor the journey of the care package from pick-up to delivery. The peace of mind that comes with knowing the status of your package adds an extra layer of reassurance, especially when sending something as special as a Valentine’s Day surprise. 

Share the Love, Anywhere

Collegeboxes facilitates nationwide shipping, making it a fantastic option for parents whose students attend colleges across the country. No matter the distance, you can still share the love and joy of Valentine’s Day with your college student through a carefully curated care package. 

This Valentine’s Day, let Collegeboxes be your partner in spreading love and joy to your college student. With convenience, personalization, and reliable shipping services, it’s the ideal platform for parents wanting to make Valentine’s Day a special and memorable occasion for their kids away at college. 

For more information on how Collegeboxes can help parents with college students, please visit our Parents page.

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