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The Best Gift Cards for College Students

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Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for a college student in your life? Look no further! In this article, Collegeboxes will explore the best gift cards that are sure to bring joy and convenience to any college student’s life. From essential supplies to entertainment and dining, these gift cards offer flexibility and choice, making them the ideal presents for any occasion.

Top 10 Gift Cards for Your College Student

Starbucks Gift Card

College students tend to pull all-nighters, stay up late, and get little to no sleep. They struggle to make deadlines for the papers they procrastinated on, or the heavy workload piled at their feet. The solution to all these problems, from the perspective of a college student, is caffeine. That is why Starbucks, or any coffee shop nearby, is the best friend of a college student. It is the perfect place to gain clarity in finishing a project, make a coffee run before class, or even to help survive a late-night study group.

Amazon Gift Card

Online shopping is revolutionary as it is anywhere, anytime. Between finding dorm decorations that fit the aesthetic of the shopper or even finding items that are a must for college survival Amazon is where to go. Amazon is a trustworthy website where you can find almost anything and have the items shipped to that particular college. Amazon is also perfect for instances where a college student does not have enough time to go to the store or cannot find that much-needed item in any store they go to.

Target or Walmart Gift Card

Target and Walmart are universal shops for any needs or wants all in one trip. Not sure if the college student needs school supplies, snacks, new clothes, or more hygiene supplies? Target and Walmart gift cards are perfect for college students to go to if they need to restock their life or freshen up their supplies. This can also be the perfect place for them to get new appliances for their dorm room or new decorations.

Spotify or iTunes Gift Card

Any Spotify or iTunes card is great for college students Gen Z cannot go more than 24 hours without listening to music. Music is the fuel for the soul, the perfect way to gain motivation to finish an essay that can take countless hours to perfect. It is also an amazing way to relax after a long stressful week booked with deadlines, and even perfect for active students who like to hike or exercise. Traveling back home always needs a right-hand man to block out that crying baby on the airplane. Music is the solution to all these problems.

Fast-Food Chain Gift Card

Any Fast-Food Chain, that is of course per students’ preference, is a good gift card that is basic and helpful in many ways. Fast food is the perfect on-the-road meal whether a college student is traveling back and forth from home to college or a quick pick-me-up before class starts. This also helps students when they’re just sick of constantly eating cafeteria food and don’t want to take the time to make their food. Most campuses have fast-food restaurants on campus so taking a glimpse of what is on or around campus can help a lot when choosing the perfect fast-food gift card.

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Audible Gift Card

Audible is a lifesaver for all college students. Most students tend to dread reading which is why Audible is a big deal in the world of education. Audible is not only helpful to students that struggle with staying focused on the book they are reading but also busy college students. Playing audiobooks in the background can help college students to multi-task and avoid spending hours glued to the pages of the book, wondering when they will be able to get to other projects. Audible helps students stay focused on the reading while being able to do other things, keeping all students on track with deadlines while not having to cheat their way through school.

Movie Theater Gift Card

It is always important to go out and have fun to make memories. This should not be limited just because someone is a college student. This is why a movie theater gift card is perfect for college students. Going to the movies helps take the stress of college out of their minds for one night. Whether the college student treats themself to a self-care night or goes out with a couple of friends, this can help their mental health in the long run.

Best Buy Gift Card

Sometimes being clumsy can result in spilling coffee on your laptop and Best Buy has your back with repairs. Whether the trip is for fixing a device, getting a new laptop, or any other tech needs – Best Buy can provide. This can be helpful to students that are pursuing college through hybrid or fully online schedules. Most assignments are online nowadays, and the cost can be on the pricier side. Getting a Best Buy gift card can help even slightly with making these devices a little more affordable.

Gas Station Gift Card

Gas has become increasingly expensive, and some college students drive back home between semesters rather than flying. Gifting a gas station gift card will help provide some relief from the gas bill when going home for the holidays, or even just the weekend. But gas station gift cards also help with more than just gas. They can also be perfect for their midnight snack runs. Whenever the nearest grocery store is closed and the study group all needs a little snack break, a gas station is the go-to.

Visa Gift Card

This last option is for those of you who know little to nothing about the college student or have no knowledge regarding locations near campus. Visa Gift Cards can be taken as a form of currency almost anywhere which is perfect for convenience. It can also be used online, as well, if that is what the college student decides to use it for. It is a basic gift card, perfect for a college student to use anywhere, anytime.

Any of these gift cards would be a terrific gift for your college student!

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