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5 Best Public Places to Study

Your study environment has a more significant impact than you might think. We all love to be comfortable, but when it comes to studying, we can sometimes get a little too cozy. Let’s face it, studying in bed isn’t exactly the best strategy. But don’t worry, if you’re tired of being stuck at your desk in your dorm room, there are plenty of awesome places you can go to hit the books. Coffee shops and bookstores are among some of our favorites when it comes to finding a public spot to study, but there are a few other amazing locations as well. So, get ready to explore these fantastic study havens that Collegeboxes highly recommends.

5 Amazing Places to Study in Public

College students nationwide have easy access to these five public places, which all serve as excellent options for study sessions.

1. Library  

students studying in library

The common choice for most students. Libraries are quiet places that are the go-to place for a study session. Students will be provided an excess amount of reading material, a strong Wi-Fi connection, and a peaceful place to retain the information they’re studying. While it might be an inconvenience to take all your items to the library, as we mention in these six study tips, switching up your study spots helps improve your studying.   

If you go to the library on campus, it allows you to possibly study with friends or even form a study group. A public library is a great option too because they are large, might not be as busy, and offer study rooms like a university library. 

2. Park or Beach 

two students studying at a park

Natural light helps our brain take in information, making a public park or beach a great place to study. These outdoor spots will be noisier than a library but the chirping birds or the subtle waves hitting the sand can be rather relaxing. Obviously, a beach won’t be for everyone but if you’re a student at San Diego State you have plenty of options, while Ohio State kids will be at The Oval on campus. 

The benefits of studying outside include a natural energy boost, reduced stress, improved mood, more creative thinking, and a positive impact on our health. Obviously, studying at a park or a beach is tougher than in an area with dedicated tables and no wind blowing your pages all the time. However, there are plenty of gadgets to help your study area outside and all you need is a hotspot on your phone for the internet. It’s also an easy transition for a quick study break. What’s better than putting away your textbook for a quick dip in the ocean?

3. Coffee Shop 

studying at coffee shop

Do you know what helps people study? Caffeine! Well, the right amount at least. At a coffee shop, you can grab your favorite drink and enjoy a calm setting. Be careful though, too many drinks will hurt your wallet and make you unproductive while studying. But it’s been proven through studies, that about 200 milligrams help the brain identify words quicker, improve short-term memory, and have an increased ability to solve problems.  

Popular coffee stops like Starbucks can get crowded and be a bit noisy due to the flow of people and orders. That might be fine for some but for others, the local coffee shop, which there will be a handful of at any campus, provides the same environment, just a bit quieter. They are a great place for study groups because it’s quiet enough but doesn’t require complete silence like a library. There is usually a decent amount of natural light and there should be snacks at the coffee shop too if you get hungry.

4. Bookstore 

student studying in bookstore

Bookstores are a little bit of a library and a coffee shop combined if you find the right one. Larger chains like Barnes and Noble, have coffee shops inside and little areas to sit down. While in college towns, you’ll have better luck finding a small, local store that has lounge areas. You also might run into people from class or make new friends while exploring your new setting.

It’s also a bookstore, so take a study break to look for a new book or indulge in what you’re currently reading. Another spot to think about is if you’re looking for a new place to study.

5. An Empty Classroom 

student studying in an empty classroom

Why would you go back to the classroom to study? It is a place built to learn after all. During the week, classrooms at universities aren’t used every hour of the time. There’s plenty of time during the day and at night that classrooms at schools are empty and open for use.  If it’s available to you, it’s a great place to have your study group meet.

A classroom offers plenty of space, an area for people to present ideas, tables, plug-ins, and everything needed to learn properly. An empty classroom can also be a great place to study between classes in college. This is generally easier if you attend a smaller college but ask a professor what the schedule looks like to see the possibility. Some rooms have schedules attached to them as well, look out for those. 

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