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Best Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

student sitting on her bed in dorm room

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Decorating your dorm room is an important step in the transition to college life and living on campus. As a new college student, you will be so eager to move into your first college dorm, only to realize dorm rooms are usually a tight space with blank walls and little to no charm. However, with some decorating ideas and motivation you can transform your dull dorm room into a stylish living space you will enjoy.

Decorating Your Dorm Room

College move-in day is quickly approaching, and you still need a plan for how you want to decorate your dorm room. Look no further as Collegeboxes has dorm room decorating ideas to help you plan for the best way to decorate your dorm and help it become your new comfort zone.

Loft Your Bed for More Space

bed in lofted position

The best way to create more space in your dorm room is to loft your bed. With your bed set in a lofted position, you’ll have even more room to decorate and add character to your new living space. Underneath your bed, you can create a cozy studying nook. Or if you’re a social butterfly, this extra space can be another area to spend time with your friends.

Find Items for Functional Storage

clothes hanging on wardrobe rack

When decorating your dorm room, you should not only be looking for ways to make your living space look better – you should also be looking for ways to make it function better. Space for storage is especially limited inside dorm rooms so finding items that can serve as functional storage is important. Items such as wardrobe racks, storage chests, and storage ottomans are easy to find and will make a huge difference as extra storage.

Creative Seating for Your Friends

college friends in dorm room

After you move away from home and meet all your new friends at college, you’re likely to have a hard time finding ways to fit everyone comfortably in your dorm room. You will need to get creative to find seating for your friends or visitors within the limited space of your dorm. Items that can be useful to your everyday life and double as additional seating are essential when decorating your living space. Small furniture items like end tables that can be sitting stools or storage ottomans are perfect for this.

Wall Art to Fill Those Blank Walls

woman viewing wall art

The empty and boring walls found in your dorm can be the biggest opportunity to personalize and add some needed charm to your dorm room. Wall art can be a great option as it can be relatively inexpensive yet still highlight your personal aesthetic and artistic preferences. You will need to find creative ways to display your favorite artwork as your dorm will likely have a policy discouraging students from creating holes in the wall.

Include Your Favorite Photos of Family and Friends

photo wall

Your dorm is meant to be your new home away from home. So why not use a little piece of home as a part of your decoration? Incorporating your favorite photos of family, friends, and special memories is a great way to add some personal touch to your living space. Not only will these photos add to the charm of your dorm – they can also help you feel close to your loved ones. An amazing way to include your favorite photos when decorating your dorm room is to create a photo wall.

Use a Lamp for Better Lighting at Your Desk

student studying underneath lamp

As a new college student, you will have many days of late night studying ahead of you. When decorating your dorm room, don’t forget to get a lamp for better lighting at your desk. We know a lamp for your desk isn’t the most exciting decorating idea. However, the added benefit of better lighting for your eyes during long homework or study sessions is important.

Decorating your dorm room to your preference is important to transform your new living space into your new comfort zone as well!

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