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What to do Between Classes in College

What to do between classes in college

College is the first chance for kids to have true freedom, when they really become their own individual. Learning what to do with your free time is part of the process. For many college students, their schedule has time between classes. What should you do during that period? Collegeboxes has a few ideas to choose from.  

Have a Study Session

One of the best ways to use your free time between classes is by having a study session. This could be a great opportunity if you have an exam in your next class and a perfect way to give you a quick refresher ahead of time. The study session doesn’t necessarily have to be about studying either. Complete assignments during this time, whether it’s due the same day or the next week.  

A few other ideas for your study session include rereading your notes from the class you just walked out of. Reading your notes right after class and going over the material again increases your comprehension and retention. It also allows your brain to help find the most important points from the lecture. Also, after freshman year, you and your friends can plan to have the same classes and study together between your classes.  

Grab or Make a College Snack

Are your classes in that afternoon stretch after lunch and before dinner? That’s a perfect time to grab a snack or even make a quick meal in your dorm room. Your brain needs fuel and it’s good to always have a healthy snack on hand. Even if you need that pick-me-up coffee in the middle of the day, that works too. Coffee shops on or near campus can be a great public place to have your study session as well.   

Go to the Gym

Pass the time at the gym. Exercise does wonders for your health, both mentally and physically. It tends to shock people, but exercising can boost energy. Instead of an energy drink, which isn’t made with the healthiest ingredients and can lead to a sugar crash, working out is helpful and much better for you.  

Research has also found those that work out consistently have better grades and cognitive performance like memory. Most colleges have gyms on campus, making it easy to get in a workout before another class if you don’t want to head home and be better for it.  

Visit Your Professor’s Office Hours

Is something not clicking from your last lecture? That’s what office hours are for. A professor’s office hours are a time to meet with your professor one-on-one to ask questions and better understand anything that you might not be fully comprehending. Most professors have set schedules for office hours that might not align exactly with your break between classes, however, ask and they might be able to meet during your break.  

Take a Nap

Everyone loves a good nap. College can feel exhausting at points. Keeping up with social life, schoolwork, laundry, a job, the list goes on and on. Going back to your apartment or dorm room to take an hour nap can be a great way to help you get through the rest of the day and your next class, especially if you didn’t sleep well the night before.  

Clean Your Apartment or Dorm Room

If you’re not in the mood for a nap but are back at your living space, why not tidy it up? Cleaning your space can end up being pretty low on your priority list during college. Although, keeping everything neat can be very beneficial to you. Multiple studies have found that having a clean room will help you focus on what you’re working on, reduce anxiety, waste less time searching for stuff, and be more motivated. 

Update Your Planner

Back in elementary school, we were taught to use our planners. While most of us didn’t use them, it was good practice for what was to come. When you grow up and gain more responsibilities in life, a planner becomes a lifesaver. If you try to remember everything you need to do in your brain, you’re going to forget things. If you start to regularly use your time between classes to update your planner it’ll become easier, and you’ll be the most organized you’ve ever been.  

Here are a few tips when using your planner:  

  • Find the correct planner for you (color coded, daily squares, weekly lines) 
  • Don’t over plan 
  • It’s okay if it’s messy 
  • Write fun quotes or draw doodles in empty spaces  
  • Have fun with it 

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