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5 Reasons to Love San Diego State University (SDSU)

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Collegeboxes is the top student storage and shipping provider. While serving over 350-plus schools, we’ve learned a lot about different universities. This month, we’re giving you five reasons to love San Diego State University including the campus, the cost, and the alumni.

1. San Diego Weather and Beaches

“America’s Finest City.” There are not many cities better to live in than San Diego. The perfect medium of temperature with zero days below freezing and only a handful over 90 degrees, San Diego can’t be topped. Especially for college students, the fall and spring provide plenty of time for outdoor activities.  

San Diego has it all. It’s a fantastic place to golf, having courses like the world-renowned Torrey Pines. Families from all around the country come to visit San Diego for attractions you’ll only find there. The San Diego Zoo holds a highly regarded reputation and who doesn’t want to spend a day at SeaWorld or LEGOLAND’S San Diego locations. With countless boat tours, you can explore the Pacific Ocean and watch one of the gorgeous sunsets San Diego has to offer.

The one part of San Diego that grabs the heart of most San Diego State students is the beaches. There are over 70 miles of coastline in San Diego, offering 31 beaches to choose from. Ocean, Mission, La Jolla, Pacific, and Coronado Beaches are all within 15 miles of San Diego State’s campus, making it a destination school for those that enjoy the outdoors.

2. SDSU Campus

The biggest draw for San Deigo State University is the beautiful campus. As we mentioned, the city of San Deigo offers a lot to San Diego State students including its weather and beaches. But the campus itself has its unique features.

The university has invested a lot to enhance the lives of its students. San Diego State University recently expanded its Aztec Recreation Center in 2022. San Diego State students now have a 94,000 square-foot center that offers weight training, group classes, rock wall climbing, a dining area, and plenty more. If you’re not a fan of the sand, there’s the Aztec Aquaplex. The on-campus facility has two large outdoor pools, a 20-person spa, and two full-service locker rooms. There’s also a relaxing getaway for students with the turtle pond, which is a well-known study spot.

San Diego State is only expanding its campus as well. Five miles away from the main campus will be the San Diego State Mission Valley campus. Since its inception in 1897, San Diego State has grown from a small teachers’ college into a national research university employing 9,000 academic and auxiliary staff and serving approximately 35,000 students enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. The administration broke ground in 2020 on its expansion which will be 1.6 million square feet of office, technology, and research space. Part of the program also includes Snapdragon Stadium, a brand-new football stadium, and gives students for the first time since the 1960s, a football stadium on campus.

There are also 300-plus student organizations and ample Greek life to choose from. Come for the palm trees, stay for the amenities.

3. SDSU Cost

Students generally get a return on investment when they go to San Diego State. San Diego State has been a mainstay in Forbes America’s Top Colleges because of the value of a degree from the school. According to Forbes, the average San Diego State student only has about $7,000 of debt but the median 10-year salary of graduates is over $100,000.

On average, in-state students at San Diego State pay around $8,000 in tuition without housing costs. For out-of-state students, it’s closer to $20,000. However, the average annual cost of a four-year is close to $10,000 (in-state) and $27,000 (out-of-state), meaning San Diego State is cheaper than a lot of other universities.

4. SDSU Business School

San Diego State’s Fowler College of Business holds a high standard for many. Publishers such as U.S. News & World Report, SkillSurvey, Academic News, and more have rated the Fowler College of Business as top 10 “career ready” institutions, undergrad international business, and the best online bachelor’s in business. Other accolades include being ranked highly for entrepreneurship and undergraduate business programs.

The school offers Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degrees with concentrations in accountancy, finance, financial services, general business, information systems, management, marketing, and real estate. The college educates nearly 7,000 undergraduate students and 400 graduate students.

5. SDSU Alumni

Along with academic quality and affordability, alumni success is one of the major attractions of San Diego State. Once you get to San Diego State, you generally don’t leave the city. San Diego State offers free career services and career fairs to all alumni.

San Diego State generates $5.67 billion each year for the San Diego economy and produces thousands of graduates, 60 percent of whom stay in San Diego to pursue their careers. With a majority of San Diego State students coming from the state of California and the San Diego area, connecting with local job opportunities is a huge plus as a future graduate. This creates a ripple effect as generations of alumni help one another down the line.

Whether it be the year-round clear skies or the value of a degree, San Diego State University is an excellent choice for any college student, and so is Collegeboxes. If you decide to head to San Diego, or another school, the number one student storage and shipping provider can serve your moving needs, We offer Storage and Shipping, Ship to School, and Direct Shipping services for students at 350-plus schools. Sign up today!