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5 Reasons to Love San Diego State University (SDSU)

Aerial view of houses lining the shore of a beach near San Diego State

At Collegeboxes, we help students move to schools all over the United States and Canada. We have seen the best every city, school, and campus has to offer! And while we don’t pick favorites, San Diego State University is a school we love to visit. And we have 5 reasons why you’ll love it too!

1. San Diego Weather

The weather at San Diego State University is nearly perfect. In fact, there are few places with better weather than the Pacific coast! The winter months rarely dip below freezing, while the summers stay temperate. No matter the time of year, you are guaranteed to experience some great weather.

This means that there are so many outdoor activities to explore. You can golf, catch a Padre’s game, or even check out the San Diego Zoo. Not to mention, the beach is right at your doorstep!

San Diego has 70 miles of coastline, with over 31 beaches for you to choose from. There are boat tours, surfing opportunities, and some of the most gorgeous sunsets you’ll ever see. If you’re looking for beautiful weather and plenty of outdoor excursions, SDSU may just be the place for you.

2. SDSU Campus Life

On top of the gorgeous weather, San Diego State University campus life is also amazing. You’ll never run out of things to do or events to go to! If you’re a sports fan, SDSU basketball is one of the best programs in the nation. And you definitely can’t forget about Aztec football, Snapdragon Stadium is always electric on game days!

Not only that, but the staff at San Diego State goes the extra mile when it comes to hosting fun events. SDSU concerts can be legendary, with popular artists passing through all the time. On top of that, SDSU will put on festivals, events, and large productions throughout the semester. No matter the time of year, you can be sure that there is always something going on at San Diego State!

The university is also invested in enhancing the lives of its students. For example, San Diego State recently expanded its Aztec Recreation Center in 2022. Students now have a 94,000-square-foot center that offers weight training, group classes, rock wall climbing, a dining area, and plenty more. And if you? re looking for a peaceful place to study, there’s also a relaxing getaway for students at the turtle pond.

Wondering where to get a San Diego State University campus tour? Well, you can do it from the comfort of your own home with their virtual tours!

3. SDSU Cost

Students generally get a return on investment when they go to San Diego State. San Diego State has been a mainstay in Forbes? America?s Top Colleges list because of the value of a degree from the school. According to Forbes, the average San Diego State student only has about $7,000 of debt but the median 10-year salary of graduates is over $100,000.

On average, total tuition at San Diego State University can be around $24,928 for in-state residents (without housing costs). For out-of-state students, it can be closer to $44,328. This might sound pricey, but it’s actually lower than the average cost for a typical four-year university. So, all things considered, SDSU is a more affordable option if you are looking to study in California.

SDSU also has a student financial center where you can learn more about unique scholarships and other financial aid programs. If you are hoping to find additional savings during the course of your education, SDSU has plenty of resources for you to explore.

4. SDSU Academics

If you’re wondering how hard it is to get into SDSU, it’s about as tough as any other university. The acceptance rate at SUSD sits at around 37%, so you may have to buckle down and make sure your application is polished, but it’s not completely out of reach. Try to make sure your GPA sits around 3.8. More importantly, take time to prepare and do well on your SAT or ACT. Doing well on standardized tests will greatly increase your shot at acceptance.

How Many Students Attend SDSU?

San Diego State usually has around 35,000 students across their undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. programs. But with over 300 acres of campus to work with, you won’t feel cramped!

Fowler College of Business

San Diego State’s business school in particular is held in high regard. It’s considered one of the top career-ready institutions in the state. The school offers Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degrees with concentrations in accountancy, finance, financial services, general business, information systems, management, marketing, and real estate. The college is made up of nearly 7,000 undergraduate students and 400 graduate students.

5. SDSU Alumni and Connections

Along with academic quality and affordability, alumni success is one of the major attractions of San Diego State. San Diego State offers free career services and career fairs to all alumni. Because of this, many SDSU graduates stick around the city after they graduate. Needless to say, the alumni community is strong and passionate about giving opportunities to younger SUSD graduates.

No matter what brings you there, San Diego State University is an excellent choice for any college student. And so is Collegeboxes! If you decide to head to San Diego or any other school, we can serve any and all of your moving needs. We offer storage, shipping, and can even ship all your belongings and deliver them to your room at school.

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