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What is Direct Shipping through Collegeboxes?

Direct Shipping through Collegeboxes

There were nearly 30,000 undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Colorado – Boulder leading into the fall of 2021. About 75 percent of those students lived off campus or commuted to school. Over 40 percent of those attending the university come from outside of Colorado. Many schools have similar numbers in terms of out-of-state and off-campus students to the University of Colorado – Boulder.

Why do these numbers matter? A good portion of these students will need to transport their belongings between their school residence and wherever they are from. That’s where Collegeboxes Direct Shipping comes in.

When all you need is shipping, let the experts in moving college students provide an easy and affordable way to move to and from school! Our no-frills direct shipping gets your packages from point A to point B with no storage. You pack, FedEx picks up your boxes from your home or mailroom and ships to your destination.

Direct Shipping is a simple four-step process. Start by creating an account. We provide Direct Shipping to and from every school in the United States. The next step is to order your moving supplies like a Collegeboxes® Supply Kit, which you can order directly from your Collegeboxes account. 

What’s in the Collegeboxes Supply Kit?

Here is what is in your kit:  

  • 5 double-walled boxes (24″x16″x18″ 4.0 cu ft) 
  • 1 bonus box (36″x24″x7 3.5 cu ft)  
  • 1 permanent marker 
  • 1 roll of U-Haul packaging tape 
  • 10 FedEx label pouches 
  • 5 zip ties 
  • 2 Collegeboxes luggage tags 

The next step is to pack. Packing your clothes for college can feel overwhelming. However, figuring out how many and what clothes to bring to college makes it easy. Typically, we recommend bringing about 2-3 weeks’ worth of clothes to wear while at college. The versatility of your outfits will determine if you have more or fewer clothes.

When deciding about what clothes to pack it’s all about location. You’ll need shorts if you’re heading to Florida or Arizona but more winter items in Kansas or Michigan. Factor in your lifestyle as well. If you’re an active person, you’ll need more gym clothes. If you’re planning on rushing in Greek life, pack formal clothes for interviews. It’s important to remember that you’ll have winter break to change out your closest as well for the different seasons.

FedEx College Shipping

The final step is the easiest. Attach your labels to your packages and schedule your FedEx pick up from your account.  You can also track the entire shipment from your Collegeboxes account.  If you are having your packages shipped to an apartment, you may have to pick up your packages at a central pickup location.

When shipping your belongings from your apartment to your other residence at the end of the year, you’ll need to check with building management. If you are having packages being picked up by FedEx, you may have to bring your packages to a central pickup location.

Collegeboxes Prices

Collegeboxes also attempts to keep the cost low for students. Here are the average shipping costs you can expect with Direct Shipping:

  • In-state Shipments: $35-$50 per box
  • Regional Shipments: $50-$80 per box
  • Coast-to-Coast Shipments: $65-$90 per box

There are also moving solutions for international students as well. Through Direct Shipping, international students can use Collegeboxes for the entire process. To get started, fill out our international shipping quote form.

Direct Shipping isn’t exclusive to college students either. Anyone can use Collegeboxes Direct Shipping service and skip the lines at the post office. Members of the U-Haul team are a prime example, take Eric who needed to ship something in a hurry and Direct Shipping was his solution.

“I recently visited a friend who lives two hours away, and accidentally left a valuable item at their house,” explained Eric. “Rather than drive four hours round-trip, I set up a shipment through Collegeboxes Direct Shipping to quickly get the item back. The whole experience was very convenient, and far more economical than paying the high gas prices to do the drive myself.”

If you’re in a pickle and need shipping, Direct Shipping is designed for you.

Direct Shipping is a service that everyone can enjoy and is designed to make the whole shipping process easier and less stressful for everyone. Instead of standing in long lines or dealing with last-minute issues, customers can take care of everything from the safety and comfort of their home.

Collegeboxes is the No.1 Student Storage and Shipping Provider, but we are here to help everyone. If you need to send out a package, sign up today for Direct Shipping!