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Why Student Housing Officers Prefer Collegeboxes 

3 students gather around a Collegeboxes box and smile.

Collegeboxes has been a trusted moving and storage partner for dorm moves for over two decades. That makes us one of the oldest and most trusted shipping and storage providers for college students and their families. But we don’t do it alone!

Providing a seamless moving experience for college students is our main mission, and we realize that this is enhanced with the help of student housing officers and their staff. That’s why Collegeboxes aims to partner with college campuses, to create an open line of communication so we can make move-in and move-out days easier for everybody.

What is Collegeboxes?

Collegeboxes is a division of U-Haul that was specifically designed to help students move to and from school since 1999. And we’re the number one student storage and shipping provider for a reason! We do it all, pickup, storage, shipping, and delivery. All students have to do is pack up their belongings and we handle the rest.

We don’t stop there. We have also expanded to help students and parents alike navigate college through providing tips, tricks, and articles that cover everything from college admissions to graduation.

What makes us special?

For schools, Collegeboxes is the perfect partner to conquer move-in and move-out days. In fact, we partner with hundreds of schools across all 50 states and Canada. Our team of moving experts work directly with student housing officers in order to create a seamless experience for students and staff alike. How do we do it? It’s actually pretty simple.


Collegeboxes is a division of U-Haul. That means wherever there’s a U-Haul location, there’s Collegeboxes! And at U-Haul, we always have industry-leading moving and storage services at our fingertips. When it comes to moving and storage solutions, Collegeboxes can’t be beat in experience, availability, and (most importantly) value. 

As one of the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive moving and storage companies in North America, you can rest easy knowing that no matter where your items need to go, they’ll be handled with care.


We also have white-glove level service that parents and students love. Our customer service team isn’t outsourced to a call center, they are U-Haul employees that genuinely care about the customers we serve. If students or housing staff run into an issue, our customer service team is there to help resolve it. 

On top of that, each individual mover is vetted by our Moving Help service, ensuring the top tier experience no matter where you are or how much you need to move. Our certified movers are also licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are protected. These movers are also prepared to work directly with student housing staff in order to get students moved in without creating unnecessary stress or congestion.  

When schools partner with Collegeboxes, we work together to build the most streamlined process for your campus’ specific needs. We realize that each campus is unique, so we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Our partnership program allows us to have an open channel of communication to make sure we all stay on the same page.


There are over 2,500 U-Haul-owned locations. This gives students plenty of options when it comes to storing, shipping, and delivering their items to campus. We store all of their belongings at a U-Haul facility near campus, giving them the ability to access it whenever they need. So, whether the student wants their belongings delivered to their door or stored at our centers, we provide options to fit every preference. 

No other moving service can offer the wide range of services we do, especially for the prices we offer.


We realize that moving isn’t cheap. At Collegeboxes, we offer flexible options to fit any situation. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best value for every customer, and we always do our best to keep things transparent, affordable, and convenient. 

No one wants to be bombarded with unnecessary fees. So, from long-term storage to shipping, all prices are on a per item basis. Our shipping rates are determined by the weight and size of your item. We also keep a list of avoidable fees on our website to avoid any confusion.


We do our best to make moving easy on the housing staff as well as the students. When schools partner with Collegeboxes, it gives us the opportunity to create a moving process that works for everyone.  

Even when we aren’t directly partnered with a school, we do our best to work alongside student housing officers to make sure we aren’t causing any issues or disruptions to the system they have set in place. We are trying to take work off of your plate, not add to it! 

When schools partner with Collegeboxes, they have access to all U-Haul products and services. Each partnered school has an account executive assigned to it, ensuring that there is always an open line of communication. No matter what you need, you’ll have a friend in the business that’s there to make it happen.

Customized Solutions

Collegeboxes can provide pre-arrival delivery for college campuses. This means that before students move in, Collegeboxes will come and drop off all the belongings to students’ assigned dorm rooms. And unlike most, our movers aren’t afraid to take the stairs! This causes less congestion on move-in day and allows students to jump directly into the festivities. 

Along with that, our storage solutions offer a low-cost way for students to access their belongings off campus. This can help cut down on mail room traffic, as well as save everyone from unnecessary heavy lifting. Allow your team to focus on the more important aspects of moving day and leave the heavy lifting to us! 

Overall, Collegeboxes strives to be a partner for students and campus staff. We know how stressful moving can be, but we’re here to share the load. Want to learn more about how Collegeboxes can help your school? You can learn more here, as well as get more information about how to join our partnership program.