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Freshman Move-In

How Collegeboxes Makes College Move-in Easier for Incoming Freshmen

Our Ship to School service was designed for incoming college freshman moving into the dorms. We deliver your student’s stuff right to their dorm room on a day you choose – all you have to do is pack. Spend more time with your college freshman and less time moving on college move in day.  

How Ship to School Works for Incoming Freshmen  

  1. Sign Up and Order Supplies  

Go to and sign up. It’s free to create an account! Select your school and Ship to School to get started.  

  1. Pack Boxes and Luggage  

Pack up your student’s stuff. You can order a supply kit from us or use your own boxes and luggage.  

  1. FedEx Picks Up Your Stuff  

FedEx picks up your stuff from your doorstep on the day you choose, or you can drop off at any FedEx Shipping Center. Easily schedule your pickup day in your Collegeboxes account.  

  1. We Deliver to Your Dorm Room  

Your boxes and luggage will be delivered to your dorm room. All you have to do is show up!  

How to Prepare for Your Freshman Year of College

Pack Like a Pro – They don’t have to pack their entire closet, and they won’t need every single gadget and personal item they own. It’s more important to pack the essentials and leave some space for more stuff later. Start packing about a month before move-in day and think about buying bigger items once you get there to save some cash and energy. 

Get a Budget in Order – College is expensive; we all know it. Tuition fees are just the beginning, as there are also living expenses, textbooks, and other unexpected costs. Before sending your child off to college, it’s important to sit down with them and discuss ways to save money. You can even help them create a simple budget to track their spending and ensure they’re making the most of their money. 

Promote Good Study Habits – Even if your incoming first year college student got straight As in high school without much studying, they still need to make studying a regular part of their college routine. Whether they hit the books with friends, in a coffee shop, or just in general, good study habits will go a long way toward uplifting your student’s college experience. 

Have a Plan for Move In Day – Even with the Collegeboxes Ship to School service, move-in day can throw some surprises your way. To make things smoother, we suggest doing some pre-arrival prep like familiarizing yourself with the schedule, packing a few essential tools and supplies, and mentally preparing for the rollercoaster of emotions that come with the big day. In fact, we have a guide that covers what to expect on college move in day to get you started. 

Get Ready For Dorm Living – Living in a dorm with a stranger can be a real shock for students, even if they’ve shared a bedroom with a sibling before. That’s why it’s important to prepare for dorm life as much as possible beforehand. Start by practicing doing laundry, getting mentally ready to share a room with someone, and brushing up on some easy dorm room recipes.   

Ship to School Pricing

A $20 per box handling fee is charged for each item shipped. Handling fee covers receiving and up to one month of storage at our local facility near your school. 

Average Shipping Cost 
In-state Shipments: $35-$50 per box 
Regional Shipments: $50-$80 per box 
Coast-to-Coast Shipments: $65-$90 per box 

Ship to School Benefits

Pick up from your location on the day you choose  
Discounted shipping rates  
FREE registration  
Track and manage everything from your account  
Dorm room delivery  
FREE $100 insurance per box  
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