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10 Questions to Ask Your Future Roommate Before Move-In

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Moving into a college dorm with someone you’ve never met before can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first year. There’s always the one horror story you hear online that can make you a little unsure, even if you hear many good ones. Getting to know your roommate (or roommates) beforehand is always a great idea to help ease that scary feeling.

Most schools will send you a roommate assignment email before the school year with some type of way to contact them. This is a great opportunity to start asking some questions and getting a feel for how things will go this semester. We’ve put together a list of our top questions to ask to make getting to know your roommate quick and easy!

Questions for your Future Roommate:

1. “What’s your major?”

Maybe you guys have similar classes or majors and can relate to certain topics you both enjoy.  

2. “What’s your class schedule like?”

This will give you a sense of when each of you will be where. Maybe you have similar schedules and can walk to class together! Orrrr, if they’re opposite, you’ll have an idea of when you can study or clean or whatever you like to do during personal time. 

3. “Do you have any hobbies? / What are some things you like to do in your free time?”

Get an idea of the types of things they like! If you like the same things, then bonus points for you. Maybe try something new together. 

4. “Are you a daytime or nighttime person?”

This will help you understand their habits, and when it’s okay to be loud/try to hang out. You want to be able to make the year easier for each other, so understanding good schedules will make a huge difference! 

5. “Do you have any specific preferences when it comes to studying?”

Nobody likes obnoxious noise or distractions when there’s a big test coming up… or maybe they do! Figure out what will work for you guys. This way, you can help each other out or use the times your roommate is out to get your studying done

college roommates reading books in their dorm room.

6. “What kind of decorations do you like? / Would you like to coordinate decorations?”

This is personal preference! It’s up to you guys if you could decide to match, or make each side of your room unique to yourselves! This question will really help when deciding how to decorate your dorm room.

7. “Are there certain things you’re willing to share or not share? 

This question is super important! The last thing you want is to borrow something of theirs without them knowing. Maybe you or your roommate like to keep your personal things private and share other things. Or if you’re the no-boundaries type, then that’s good to know too! 

 8. “How do you feel about having friends over? Are there any times you would not like other people in the room?”

Your room is meant to be a safe space. This means both of you feel safe and comfortable at all times. Communicating to each other about when other people may be in the room is very important. Plus, it’s best to make sure your roommate is not studying when you want to have people over at that time. 

9. “Should the room be hot or cold?”

Obviously, ask this one to ensure you have enough (or none) blankets! 

10. “Are you a cafeteria food person, or a buy your own groceries person?” 

Depending on the answer they give, you can decide whether or not buying/storing groceries for the room is what you want to do. Make sure you have the space to do so if you decide on groceries, and maybe talk about who can bring what. (ex: fridge, microwave, toaster, blender, hot plate, dishes, etc.). 

Just like that, you and your new roommate are as close as can be before moving in!

Asking questions and getting to know someone is always important, no matter what the situation. Now you guys are prepared and ready to take on the school year! 

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