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How To Pack A TV / Computer Monitor for Storage

Packing a TV or monitor for college storage

Now that the end of the semester is approaching, all we can think about is moving out of our dorms and the sweet sweet freedom we call summer. You’ve gotten your Collegeboxes Supply Kit, planned your trip home, begun to finish up finals, and counted down the days. Wait… what about the oversized, expensive, awkward items, like your TV screen or computer monitor? What do you do with those? What if I threw away the box it came in at the beginning of the year?! Don’t worry! The solution is right in front of you, and a part of your Collegeboxes Supply Kit!

Since we have your attention… here’s how we used the outer box of the Collegeboxes Supply Kit to pack your computer monitor. (If you’d rather watch a video on “How-To”.. check it out at the end of this blog!) With the outer box counting as a bonus box, and its slim size, it’s perfect for storing your TV, artwork, or anything flat that might take up awkward space in a big box.

Step 1:

Make sure your TV/computer monitor is unplugged, cooled down, and disconnected from any other device. This includes all of the cords that connect to it, you can group them together and throw them in the box later.

Step 2:

Build your box. Start by taping the bottom (we suggest using our H-Tape method for sealing all boxes!)

Building your Supply Kit Box

Step 3:

Grab your roll of bubble wrap, extra T-shirts, or whatever else you plan to wrap it with (we suggest the bubble wrap if you can!) Wrap your screen in 3 to five layers of bubble wrap. Then, tape your bubble wrap to secure the layering and keep it tight!

Step 4:

Add some cushion to the box with blankets, thin pillows, extra clothes, more bubble wrap, whatever works! Place the monitor screen down on top of the cushion. Add another thin layer of cushion on top of the screen, to make sure it’s protected on both sides.

Step 5:

Make sure your box is facing the right direction (the stand of your screen is at the bottom of the box so when you stand it upright, the “Starter Kit” reads the right way). Tape the box shut, and you’re ready to go! You’re all set for summer storage! Don’t forget those extra cords!

Collegeboxes has all kinds of tips and tricks for college moving!

Find out more on our Blog to learn about our Summer Storage and Ship-to-School options. Don’t want to store your items over the summer? Collegeboxes also offers Direct Shipping to anywhere you want your things to go (although we wouldn’t recommend shipping a TV/Computer screen)!