Welcome to Collegeboxes: Your Hassle-Free College Moving Solution!  

Congratulations on receiving your Collegeboxes Supply Kit! We’re here to make your college move as seamless as possible. Let's get started!

Unbox Your Kit and Assemble Your Boxes 

What’s Inside

Get ready to dive into the treasure trove that is your Supply Kit! Here’s what’s waiting for you:

  • 5 double-walled boxes (24” x 16” x 18”): Use these to pack up everything from your coziest hoodies to your trusty textbooks. Say hello to your new best packing buddies!
  • 1 Supply Kit Outer Box (36” x 24” x 7”): Need a home for your TV, monitor, or prized artwork? Look no further! Just remember to give that outer box a makeover by peeling off the shipping label we used to ship the kit to you!
  • 1 roll of U-Haul Packaging / Mailing Tape: It’s tape time! Use this magic roll to build your boxes and seal them up tight.
  • 1 permanent marker: Time to get personal! Grab this marker and give your boxes some flair by scribbling your name and customer ID on them. Who said labeling can’t be fun?
  • 5 zip ties: So many uses! Whether you’re securing tags to your duffel bags, desk chairs, or even your bike, these zip ties have got you covered. Plus, they’re reusable – talk about eco-friendly! Explore More Uses
  • 10 FedEx label pouches: Once you’ve printed your labels from your Collegeboxes account, fold and tuck them into these pouches and stick ’em on your boxes

Packing Strategically  

Get your stuff ready like a pro! Start packing early, and don’t rush it.

  • Put electronics in their original boxes and/or protective packing. 
  • Distribute heavy items (such as books) evenly across multiple boxes. Spread the load! Put heavy stuff (like books) in different boxes. 
  • Take apart any IKEA-style furniture 
  • Don’t forget to defrost your mini fridge . Ice-free is the way to be! 
How to back your TV or Monitor
How to back your TV or Monitor
How to pack your beanbag chair
How to pack your mattress topper

Creating labels and preparing for pick-up 

1. Log in to Your Collegeboxes Account: 

Start by logging into your account, where you can manage your storage and shipping requests. 

2. Create and Print Your Storage/Shipping Labels: 

Head to the ‘Create and Print Your Storage/Shipping Labels’ section. This is where the label magic happens. 

3. Add Items to Your Account: 

For each item that you are having picked up, click the ‘Add Storage Item’ or ‘Add Shipping Item’ button. This step ensures that every piece you’re storing or shipping is correctly labeled. 

4. Label Format for Your Convenience: 

Our labels are provided in a downloadable and printable PDF format. Fold each label, enclose it in an adhesive pouch from your supply kit, and adhere it to the upper-left-hand corner, front of your box. 

5. Secure Packing and Sealing: 

Ensure your items are securely packed inside the boxes. Proper sealing is crucial. If storing furniture or items that won’t fit in a box, use the plastic zip ties included in your supply kit. 

What to Expect on Pickup Day

In-Room pick up with Our Storage and Shipping Service 

Our team will give you a heads-up with a text or phone call approximately 15-20 minutes prior to their arrival time. 

Make sure all items are easily accessible and ready for pickup at the specified dorm and room number indicated in your account. If you have a proxy representing you, make sure this information is clearly indicated within your Collegeboxes account. 

Ship to School and Direct Shipping Service FedEx Pickup 

FedEx will pickup your packages. FedEx DOES NOT provide a prior call before pick-up. 

 Please leave packages on your doorstep for FedEx pickup if you reside in a private residence.

For dorms or apartments, check with your building’s management to see where you should leave your packages for pick up. 

Pickup Day FAQ 

Can I request a specific pick-up time?

No, due to the high volume of students we serve, we are unable to accommodate specific pickup times. Instead, we provide a pickup window during which you should anticipate our arrival. For instance, your pickup window may be scheduled between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM on a designated date.

If you have scheduling needs or limitations, it’s advisable to arrange for a proxy who can grant our team access to your items in your absence. Please communicate these preferences by including them in the ‘Pickup Notes’ section when scheduling your pick up or by contacting Collegeboxes customer service via email or text message. Our team will note these details in your account.

Do I need to be present for my pickup?

It’s essential for someone to be available during the pickup window. If you anticipate needing to leave or won’t be present during your pickup window, you have the option to designate a proxy who can sign on your behalf. Please provide us with the contact information of your chosen proxy. 

Alternatively, you can drop off your items at our local storage facility. You will simply need to schedule a self-drop off date. Please request a Self-drop-off appointment.

Can I drop off my things at your storage facility?

Yes, you can drop off your items at our local storage facility. You will simply need to schedule a self-drop off date. Please request an appointment to schedule. 

Have more questions? Visit our Help Desk to find answers.