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Guide to Shipping Internationally

Collegeboxes International Shipping Blog

When you need to ship your belongings internationally, Collegeboxes is here to help. Utilizing FedEx International Economy air we can ship your items safely, securely and economically to most countries around the world.

Where to Begin

First step is to request a quote.  We will collect the following information from you and email you a quote for the shipment. 

  • Ship from Address  
  • Ship to Address 
  • Quantity of boxes 
  • Dimensions of boxes (LXWXH)
  • Weight of each box 

Once you accept the quote we will request a copy of your passport ID and a detailed contents list of your boxes (your commodities list) to prepare your International shipping labels and customs documentation.  

Preparing your Package for Shipment

When packing your boxes you want to make sure your contents are distributed evenly and you packed tight.  By tight we mean, fill the boxes completely so the contents don’t shift when in transit with FedEx.  Remember to make a list of the contents of your boxes while packing, we’ll use this to create customs documentation that will accompany your boxes during their trip.  The destination country will use this documentation to clear your belongings through customs.  

Once your boxes are packed, using strong, clear packing tape, tape all box closures and seams to prevent boxes from opening while in transit.  

Labeling your Packages for Shipment

The final step is to label your packages for shipping. 

Collegeboxes will send you an email with the following attachments: 

  • FedEx Shipping Labels  
  • Commercial Invoices 
  • Usage Letter 
  • Copy of your passport

You’ll want to print out all attachments and follow the labeling instructions carefully.   

Select one of your boxes to become the “Master Package”

International shipments have one “Master Package” that all the custom’s documentation gets attached to. The master package has copies of the master shipping label, commercial
invoices, a copy of your passport, and usage letter attached to it.

In label pouch one – insert copies of the FedEx Master Shipping Label, one behind the other.   

In label pouch two – insert 3 copies of your commercial invoice, a copy of your passport and the usage letter  

Affix both label pouches to one side of the Master Box . 

The remainder of your boxes will need one label pouch that will hold one FedEx shipping label each.  

One final and very important step is to write your name, address, and phone number boldly on each one of your boxes.  

Collegeboxes will send FedEx Express to pickup your boxes.  You will be able to track your shipment on FedEx.com with the tracking number provided by Collegeboxes.  

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