International Shipping Service

Shipping packages overseas may seem intimidating. There is a notable amount of paperwork that is required but the process is still very similar to shipping domestically. The moving experts at Collegeboxes are here to make your experience as smooth as possible.

How Collegeboxes Helps 

Documents – To ship your packages overseas you will need a commercial invoice, usage letter and shipping labels. Collegeboxes will provide you with these documents along with tracking numbers so you can track your packages to their destination. 

FedEx Pickup – Collegeboxes will schedule a FedEx Express pickup that is convenient for you. You can also drop off packages off at your local FedEx office. 

Coverage – Collegeboxes provides $100 of declared value coverage on each package you ship. You can purchase additional coverage; however, you will want to note that declaring a higher value on your items could increase the amount of duties and taxes that are due in the receiving country. 

Knowledgeable Staff – Our moving specialists are available to assist though the entire process. Contact us with any questions that you have. 

Collegeboxes Shipping overseas

Collegeboxes International Shipping documents

What You Need to Ship Internationally

Copy of Passport ID – A photocopy of your passport ID is needed to include with your customs documents 

List of commodities – A detailed list of the contents of your packages. This is a requirement to create your customs documents. 

Package Details – The weights and dimensions of your packages will be needed for your shipping labels to be created 

Tips to Avoid Customs Delays

Declare the accurate value for your items, even if it’s being provided to the recipient at no charge (i.e., sample or not for resale). The value will be used to assess duties and taxes. 

Keep multiple-piece shipments together and label each piece of the shipment individually. 

Provide a detailed, accurate description of each item you are shipping (commodities) 

Provide phone number or fax information for both the sender and the consignee. Include a copy of this information inside your packages just in case your label comes off while in transit overseas.  


How much does international shipping cost?

Costs run between $295 and $700 per box depending on destination country. Please fill out our international shipping quote form.

What are Duties and Taxes?

Most shipments that cross international borders are subject to duty and tax assessment by the importing country’s government. Learn more about these charges and what to expect so you can avoid surprises and save yourself and the recipient time, money and effort. Learn more about duties and taxes

How long does international shipping take?

On average shipments take 5 – 10 business days depending on the distance you are shipping and how fast packages are processed through customs.

Why is my shipment held up in customs?

Clearance delays occur for a variety of reasons. Some examples include:
  • Missing documentation
  • Incomplete, missing, or inaccurate information on documentation
  • Additional documentation needed by regulatory agencies
  • Processing required by additional regulatory agencies
  • Missing piece(s) of multiple-piece shipment
If additional information is required from the shipper or recipient, FedEx will attempt to contact them. Once all requirements are fulfilled, your shipment will be cleared to move to its final destination.

What can I ship?

All items must be boxed to ship internationally. Liquids, hazardous materials, and items prohibited by law cannot be shipped.

How are packages shipped overseas?

All packages are shipped via FedEx International Economy Air.

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