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How to Save on Summer Storage

Two men in blue shirts moving boxes and a bike from a storage unit.

One of the hardest parts about college is moving in and out of the dorms every year. Trying to lug around bulky items like mini fridges or microwaves definitely gets old after a while. It makes you think—there has to be a better option, right? 

What if you could just leave your stuff in a safe place near campus? Then, once you’re ready to head back to school, you don’t have to worry about hauling everything back to the dorms. That sounds almost too good to be true… but it’s not! 

While renting a storage unit can be pricey, college students have some opportunities to receive storage at an affordable price. But how do you know which option is the best for you?

What’s The Most Affordable Service for Students?

When it comes to storage, you’ll want something secure, reliable, flexible, and – most importantly—affordable! Well, look no further than Collegeboxes. We’re a student storage and shipping service that can be tailored to fit your needs. 

Looking to keep some items stored for the summer? No problem! Want to have it all or some boxes shipped back to mom’s house? Just let us know when and where to drop it off! 

But even with our affordable storage rates, there are still some additional ways to save. Want to learn more about how to get the most savings? Here are 5 tips everyone should know before storing with Collegeboxes.

1. Box Everything Up!

At Collegeboxes, we don’t charge you for a full-sized storage unit. Instead, we charge per item! That way, you’re never spending money on space you aren’t using.

Each individual box can be stored with us for the low price of $13 a month. But for larger, bulkier items we charge slightly higher fees. When possible, box everything to save.  For example, an unboxed microwave is stored for $10 per month, but when placed in a Collegebox, it can be packed away with other items instead of being stored by itself.  This saves you an extra $10 per month!

2. Select Free Pickup and Delivery Dates

To stay accessible for students of all financial backgrounds, we offer some select dates where we provide free pickup and delivery. This means that Collegeboxes will swing by to pick up your items, as well as drop them off at your destination once you’re ready to go back to school. Remember, we only offer free pickup and delivery on certain dates, so make sure you double check before you book!

3. Utilize Our Self-Pickup and Drop-off Options

You can save additional money by opting out of our pickup and delivery options. Instead, you can just swing by the U-Haul center closest to your school’s campus and grab everything yourself. The only thing we ask is that you give us a few days’ notice so we can get everything ready for you.

This is a great money-saving option if the U-Haul center is already on your route to campus. But remember, Collegeboxes also offers free pickup and delivery on certain days, so there’s plenty of affordable options to get your belongings to your destination.

Two women with luggage walk into a U-Haul center

4. Use Your Extra Luggage

Many students choose to store their luggage with us over the summer, but they never put anything inside the luggage. You’re missing out on extra free storage right there! If you are going to leave a suitcase or duffle bag with us, make sure to fill it up with other stuff so you can get the most bang for your buck.

5. Pay and Show Up to Appointments on Time

You don’t want to get stuck with any additional fees, so make sure you always pay and show up to appointments on time!

Late Payment Fees

It’s not fun being the bad guy, but Collegeboxes does charge a $45 late payment fee. We will store your items temporarily while you sort out your payment information. But if you’re looking to save money, make sure you’re getting everything paid for on time.

Late Cancellation / No-Show Fees

In addition to late payment fees, we also charge for late cancellations. Any cancellations made within 48 hours will be considered late-notice. Late cancellations can throw a wrench in our delivery and pick-up schedule. Because of this, we charge an additional $75 dollars. We are totally flexible when you need a change in plans, but we just need more than two days to make it happen. 

No-shows to appointments will be charged with a $90 fee. This only occurs if you do not show up at the appointed pickup/delivery time. So, if you ever find that you can’t make it to an appointment, let us know as soon as possible. Like we mentioned before, we may be flexible—but we aren’t mind readers!

More Than Just Storage

On top of storage, Collegeboxes can offer so much more. We can have your belongings shipped to any address around the world. With our Ship to School program, all you need to do is pack everything up, FedEx will pick up your items and ship them to Collegeboxes.  We will store them temporarily until it’s time to deliver them directly to your room at school! 

When you book with Collegeboxes, you get the best deal without compromising on quality. And when you pack smart, you can save yourself time and money. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to work smarter—not harder. Sign up with Collegeboxes today!