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Collegeboxes | Storage Price List

Collegeboxes Storage

Storage prices are for a minimum interval of 4 months and include pickup and delivery. If you need to extend your storage for another term, we’ve got you covered!  We will continue to store your items at the same rate. Your credit card will be charged automatically at the end of each payment term. You can update your payment information in your Collegeboxes account.   

Product Per Month (USD)*Entire Summer Break (USD)*
Collegebox (24″x16″x18″)$13.00$52.00
Supply Kit Outer Box (36″x24″x7″)$13.00$52.00
Plastic Storage Item (Bin, Drawer,Cart)$18.00$72.00
Box Larger than 24″x16″x18″ (Max 8.0 cu ft.)$19.00$76.00
Refrigerator (unboxed)$19.00$76.00
Box Smaller than 24″x16″x18″$13.00$52.00
Chair (Desk, Swivel, Stool, Side Chair)$19.00$76.00
Microwave (unboxed)$12.00$48.00
Nightstand or End Table$18.00$72.00
Duffel Bag$18.00$72.00
Trunk or Footlocker$19.00$76.00
Lamp (unboxed)$12.00$48.00
Television (unboxed)$31.00$124.00
Mirror (unboxed)$18.00$72.00
Bean Bag Chair$20.00$80.00
Sectional Piece (each)$19.00$76.00
Poster Tube$6.00$25.00
File Cabinet (empty)$19.00$76.00
Folding Chair$12.00$48.00
Twin Mattress$19.00$76.00
Framed Poster, Artwork or Bulletin Board$12.00$48.00
Mattress topper (wrapped)$18.00$72.00
Sporting Equipment (Skis, Snowboard, Golf Clubs)$18.00$72.00
Table (Kitchen or Coffee)$20.00$80.00
Metal cart$18.00$72.00
Bed Frame (collapsed)$19.00$76.00
Twin Box Spring$19.00$76.00
Fan (unboxed)$12.00$48.00
Ironing Board (unboxed)$12.00$48.00
Clothing Rack (unboxed)$12.00$48.00
Vacuum (unboxed)$12.00$48.00
XL Furniture 100-149 LBS$44.00$176.00
XXL Furniture 150-200 LBS$66.00$264.00
Music Instrument in Case$19.00$76.00
Headboard or Footboard$18.00$72.00
Electric Scooter$20.00$80.00
Dresser (empty)$31.00$124.00
Electric or Exercise Bike$31.00$124.00
Full or Queen Mattress$31.00$124.00
Full or Queen Box Spring$31.00$124.00
King Mattress$39.00$156.00
King Box Spring$39.00$156.00

Prices include pickup, storage, and delivery

*4 month storage term minimum. Payment processed for entire term after pickup.

Item not listed? Contact us today for a storage quote.