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Collegeboxes and The Association of College and University Housing Officers- International (ACUHO-I)

One man stands inside a full moving truck, handing a box to the two men standing outside.

At Collegeboxes, we know that the unsung heroes of residence life are the housing officers. With thousands of students moving in and out of dorms every year, it takes a village to keep things running smoothly. Not only that, but it also takes a well-planned and coordinated effort. That’s where we come in!

For over 20 years, Collegeboxes has been a partner and advocate for students and housing officers alike. We coordinate directly with the housing officers and provide students with a stress-free way to get all of their belongings safely into the dorms. So, they can focus on making campus feel more like home while we do all the heavy lifting!

The Collegeboxes Advantage

Experience: Collegeboxes is the first student storage service made by students for students. Back in 1999, Collegeboxes was created by a student who knew firsthand the storage and shipping struggles students were facing. What started off as a small, coordinated effort soon grew into a larger operation. Over the next 20 years, we have been setting standards for service, storage, and shipping. And we aren’t slowing down.

Accessibility: Collegeboxes is also a division of U-Haul, which means anywhere you see a U-Haul location, there’s Collegeboxes. With over 2,000 full-service U-Haul locations across the United States and Canada, we can store and deliver items to just about anywhere. So, every student, no matter where they choose to go to school, can reap the benefits of our service!

Affordability: Most college students don’t exactly have the funds to hire full-service movers. We offer flexible options and different price points. We also strive to give our customers the best value, so we always make sure we are transparent with our pricing and adaptable to the needs of the customer. The best part is that schools don’t have to pay a single penny to partner with us!

Service: We don’t outsource calls to a center overseas, we have our own team dedicated to providing stellar customer service. That means no matter what issue arises, our team is ready and willing to help you resolve it. For partnered schools, they’ll even have a personal account manager as their main point of contact. No one will be stuck waiting for help because we’ll be ready to assist!

The ACUHO-I & Collegeboxes: Putting Students First

The Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I) has been meeting since 1949 to represent the students’ best interests, as well as assessing and addressing the ever-changing needs of college attendees. From housing, to food, to parking, to inclusivity, there is much more that goes into creating a safe and engaging dorm experience than people might think.

At the end of the day, the needs of the students come first, and housing officers deserve corporate partners who believe that too. But that’s why Collegeboxes is here to help. While we can’t make your students a hot meal, we can work to make sure that that the move-in and move-out process is seamless, stress-free, and on your terms!

Collegeboxes movers pushing towers of boxes through a busy campus.

Making Campus Life Easier

While many dorm movers focus solely on the end user, Collegeboxes thinks on a larger scale. As we mentioned before, we know how much housing officers have on their plate. So, to try and make things easier for everyone, we prefer to work directly with campus staff in creating a process that’s unique to the needs of the students and campus housing staff. For some schools, they find that having Collegeboxes deliver student belongings a week early can greatly reduce campus congestion on moving days.

We strive to create an open line of communication between our movers and the school staff. After all, no one knows the campus quite like the housing officers. Through this teamwork and coordination, our movers can take care of all the hard parts. This means that housing officers will get to spend time doing more of their other important duties.

Long Term Partnerships

Collegeboxes has also been a loyal corporate partner to ACUHO-I. We are also a proud sponsor of the regional housing conferences all over the United States. And we are always excited to set up a table at Expos! We love to get to know the local housing officers of every region and see the different ways they make their campuses feel more like home.

We don’t just want to be your partner during moving days, we want to build longstanding relationships. And we do our best to be present, active, and enthusiastic members of the community. We’re more than just a tool you can use, we’re a shoulder you can lean on.

Housing officers work hard every day of the school year in order to ensure that students are safe, happy, and feeling taken care of. But that’s a tall order, so you’re going to need people you can lean on. Collegeboxes has been a loyal partner to housing officers for almost two decades, and that’s a type of service that can’t be replicated.

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