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7 Ways Schools Benefit From Collegeboxes 

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If you’re a seasoned housing officer, you know how hectic the college moving process can be at the beginning and end of the school year. On move in day, students and parents flood campus from all over the country with truckloads of boxes and no shortage of issues to sort out. Move out day isn’t much different with outgoing packages, stacks of boxes, and a slew of moving trucks cluttering campus. 

As a staff member, it’s often difficult to keep things organized and on schedule while providing help to those in need. The best way to keep things running smoothly? Avoid these issues altogether and allow Collegeboxes to make move-in and move-out easier for schools and students alike. 

Who is Collegeboxes? 

Collegeboxes is a division at U-Haul designed to improve the way students move to and from school. Through a coordinated effort, Collegeboxes picks up, ships, stores, and delivers to students’ doorsteps. All students have to do is pack and Collegeboxes does the rest.

But, how does that help you? It’s fair to wonder what school administrators and residence hall staff get out of the equation. If you’re curious whether Collegeboxes providing service on your campus is the right move, check out these seven reasons why countless school already partner with Collegeboxes. 

7 Ways Schools Benefit From Collegeboxes

1. Reduced Campus Congestion

Long lines for the elevator and crowded hallways are an unpleasant but unavoidable part of move-in day. To reduce campus congestion and streamline the process, Collegeboxes delivers students’ items up to a week before move in day directly to their residence. Students only need to focus on arriving on time and completing their move-in day tasks. Their items will be waiting there safely. 

2. Contactless Move Ins 

Safety for students and dorm staff is still a top priority. That’s why Collegeboxes offers contactless pickup and delivery via the Ship to School and Storage and Shipping services. Students can attend in-person classes and enjoy life on campus with peace of mind that they will be safe throughout their college move. 

3. Customized Moving Solutions 

All schools and residence halls are different. What works at your school may not at the next. Collegeboxes accommodates those differences by building partnerships around the specific needs of each campus. Although Collegeboxes works with students and parents primarily, having direct relationships with schools helps create a more streamlined process tailored to the needs of the students and the school. 

4. Lightened Staff Workloads

With Collegeboxes pre-arrival delivery, your job as a resident assistant or director is much simpler. Students’ belongings arrive on campus before move-in day and are delivered to their rooms, giving students less to manage, allowing you and your staff to work more efficiently. Less moving bins to hand out, luggage carts to navigate, and overall hassle for students means a lighter workload for you.

5. Improved Campus Sustainability

When students ship their belongings to school (or store them nearby), it drastically cuts down on the number of moving trucks, vans, and personal vehicles that clog the roadways and produce harmful emissions on your campus. Just one Collegeboxes delivery truck can potentially replace dozens of personal vehicles and/or moving trucks on move in day. Considering every mile not driven saves 12 pounds of CO2 emissions, the less traffic on campus, the better. 

Collegeboxes also promotes sustainability by providing students with durable, double walled moving boxes that they can use for the duration of their college career, ultimately reducing the number of boxes thrown in landfills each year.  

6. Satisfied Students and Parents

One of the goals shared by schools is to earn and keep the trust of students and families. There are many ways to go about this. But providing families with peace of mind that their child will be taken care of when they arrive is a great place to start. By saving time and energy on move-in day, families can create better memories and ultimately have a better college experience, from move-in day through graduation. 

7. Reduced Mailroom Shipments 

Collegeboxes Ship to School service is perfect for families moving to school from out of state, by plane, or internationally. Students can ship items to school move in day. Instead of going to the mailroom, items are shipped to the local U-Haul where they are stored until delivery day.  

Want to learn more about Collegeboxes and how the #1 full service college moving provider can help the students (and staff) at your school? See how to partner with Collegeboxes today