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5 Services Every College Student Should Know About 

College can be overwhelming for many students. Things like settling into a new environment, meeting new people, and focusing on schoolwork can become a lot on someone’s plate. Collegeboxes, experts in college moving, provides ways to make the college moving experience easier. But what about after you move in? Here we will show you some services that can help you maximize productivity and enjoyment and reduce stress. 

1. On Campus  

Often, your school will provide you with many services and amenities that many students don’t use; by researching your school, you might find useful things that can help you in school. Most schools have a student support and resources page that can guide you through. 

  • Tutoring  
  • Textbooks or tools to rent or borrow  
  • Productivity and motivation resources  
  • Counseling/health centers 
  • Career services 

2. Academic

There are a lot of academic support apps or websites that are very helpful for studying, learning more about topics, or helping you in your schoolwork. Here are a few examples:  

  • Quizlet: great for creating study guides or using other people’s study guides who have already taken a class 
  • Chegg: get help with your homework or rent textbooks 
  • Grammarly: AI typing assistant to help you with your writing  
  • Khan Academy: provides short lessons and practices exercise on most school subjects 
  • Microsoft Office: most schools will provide free Microsoft 365, but if not, you can get it for just $2.99 per month. 

3. Entertainment

Many entertainment services have student discounts that are great for being on a budget and enjoying yourself when you have a break from school.  

  • Spotify: for students, 1 month free then $5.99 only after  
  • Amazon Prime Video: 6-month free trial then $7.49 after  
  • Apple Music: 30-day free trial, then $5.99 after  
  • Hulu: just $1.99 a month (best deal) 

4. Health

Academics are important, but it’s also important to make sure you’re staying healthy in college. With so much focus on school, it’s easy for students to forget about their health. While their health declines, so do their abilities in the classroom.  

  • Gym Membership: a lot of schools have on campus recreation centers, but staying fit in the gym is always important in college to stay healthy.  
  • MyFitnessPal App: An app where you can track your fitness goals based on what works for you.  
  • Campus Counseling Centers: not only physical health is important but mental health as well. Consider looking into your school’s campus consoling and help centers.  

5. Transportation and Food Services  

  • Uber: A great way to get around your city or town for less than owning a vehicle. 
  • Postmates: It’s important for students to have access to convenient food when busy studying or tired after a long day.  
  • Restaurant Apps: Most restaurants have apps that can provide students with streamlined ordering as well as discounts and benefits.  

By taking advantage of these services, you can better position yourself for success both during college and beyond. Whether it’s academic support, personal development, recreation, or health and wellness services, there are resources available to help you thrive as a college student. 

How Collegeboxes Benefits students  

Collegeboxes services like Ship to School and Storage are great for college students to make the move-in and move-out process easier. 

  • Ship to School: can help you get all your things to campus or back home and avoid the process of moving out. 
  • Storage and Shipping: students and parents can avoid the heavy lifting of moving in and out. 
  • Direct Shipping: If all you need is shipping, our direct shipping gets your packages from place to place without storage.