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How to Thrive in College: 8 Essential Tips for Success

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Transitioning from high school to college can be overwhelming. Many college freshmen are at a loss of what to do in order to succeed in school, which can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and confusion. But fear not—Collegeboxes experts are here to guide you with these eight invaluable tips to help you make the most of your education!

Establish a Daily Routine

Create a daily routine for waking up, studying, and exercising to stay proactive. Consistency in your routine helps combat laziness, ensuring you stay on track to achieve your academic and professional goals.

Designate Your Study Day 

Try to establish a dedicated study day to stay on top of upcoming assignments and coursework. Allocating specific time for focused studying alleviates stress, minimizes distractions, and prevents procrastination.

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Build a Relationship with Your Professor

Initiate communication with your professors early in the semester to foster a positive relationship. Being known by your professor can be beneficial for addressing queries and making up missed content. So, make sure to swing by office hours and get to know your professors!

Embrace a Calendar or Planner

Organize your schedule with a calendar or planner to keep track of deadlines, events, and tests. A visual representation of your workload ensures you will not overlook essential tasks, which aids in effective time management.

Actively Participate in Class 

Engage in class discussions or, at the very least, pay attention! Being present in class helps you absorb the material, making it easier to succeed in your coursework. Minimize distractions by stowing away your phone and putting aside your headphones while sitting in class.

Distinguish Study and Hangout Spaces

Separate your study space from your hangout space to enhance your productivity. Utilize locations like the library or a coffee shop to study efficiently, avoiding the potential distractions in your dorm room.

Opt for Handwritten Notes 

Handwritten notes actually help you retain more information than when you take them electronically. Check to see if your laptop has a touch screen for notetaking, invest in a tablet, or resort to traditional paper notes if a touch screen is not an option.

One way to maximize your note-taking strategy is by making some flashcards! Want to learn how to make the most out of this timeless study tool?

Tap into University Resources 

Explore the wealth of resources provided by your university to ease your academic journey. There are plenty of free resources at your disposal: like tutoring, group study sessions, and campus recreational activities. These are provided by the university to enhance your learning experience, manage stress, and promote well-being.

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