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5 Reasons Students Enjoy Campus Life at SDSU

Mads Presley, SDSU ’25

1. Beautiful Campus

There is no denying, San Diego State University has one of the prettiest campuses I’ve seen IRL. Even though it is in a suburban area, the architecture and landscaping of this campus fit in beautifully with the natural environment. My favorite place to visit outside of the Love Library is the school-famous Koi Pond. Here you can find many little turtles, koi, ducks, and small creatures that the students and groundskeepers care for. There are also several cats that have been taken in by the student body and serve as unofficial mascots of sorts.

2. Amazing Programs

San Diego State has many renowned programs and many students are able to find friends and connections through group projects and classes. Since the science majors have a smaller acceptance rate, many people in the same year know each other and work together on projects and experiments. Our professors are highly smart and want to see you succeed, and many will hold extensive office hours and try to accommodate your needs.

3. Concerts On Campus

Outside of an academic perspective, SDSU often holds large concerts on campus, the most notable recent shows being SZA and T-Pain! These concerts bring jobs to students and the opportunity to work hands-on with celebrities and musicians. The tickets are often affordable to students and are a way for them to gather together outside of classes. There is also a very large house show scene where students will form their own bands and perform at houses off campus!

4. Ocean Proximity!

Another amazing thing about SDSU is that it is only a 20-minute drive from three different ocean fronts! There are many options, such as Ocean Beach, which holds a farmers market every Wednesday, Pacific Beach, which is a family-friendly and calmer beach, and then Mission Beach, which is very popular with students from UCSD, SDSU, and USD.

5. Lifelong Friendships <3

A college is a place where you form lifelong friendships, and going to SDSU has helped me become more comfortable in my own skin and meet people who want to grow alongside me. The people that you will meet at SDSU will change your life for the better, and you will hold these memories for the rest of your life.