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Tips on How Best to Join a Student Club in College  

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Getting involved is a great way to improve your college experience. There are so many ways for you to get involved, but one great way is by joining a club! When you get involved on campus, you’re more likely to have academic and social success in college. Everyone tells students to get involved on campus, but how? Here’s some tips and tricks you need to know before joining a club on campus!  

Why Join a Club on Campus?  

College clubs can be a great way to get involved on campus and explore activities you are interested in. Clubs can also help you develop skills that you can use in your professional life and put on a resume. Joining a club is also a great way to meet new people and make some new friends! Joining a club might seem like a scary task but with these tips we can make it easier!  

Finding the Right Club  

When looking to join a club it’s important to choose something you’re interested in. Think of some of your favorite hobbies or activities. Clubs come in all forms, like community service, fraternity’s and sorority’s, sports, special interest, and academics. A lot of options are available so you’re sure to find something that interests you. Schools will often have a club page that you can look at to explore all your options.  

Being open minded is important; explore different clubs on campus and maybe try something out of your comfort zone. Be open to trying new things because you might like it more than you would expect.   

How to Join a Club

  • Attend a club meeting – when you attend a club meeting, it can be a good way to determine if the club is for you, and you can see if you’ll like it.   
  • Find the club on social media/online – online is a great place to start when researching clubs, it can also give you a good look at what the club does.     
  • Find a leader or member’s contact information – try contacting a member of the club, they can provide you with useful information on joining the club, or what they do.  
  • Find a signup sheet online or on campus – clubs will sometimes have signup sheets on boards around campus or online; this gets your name out there at having an interest in the club.  

Information on joining a club can be found online or on social media, but there’s no need for you to stress. To keep it simple, just going to a club meeting is the best way to get into the club. Often, just by showing up you can secure a spot in the club. 

What to Expect After Joining a Club   

All clubs are different based on what club you join. Overall, you should expect to meet people that have similar interests to you, learn more about topics of the club and be able to do something you enjoy. But most importantly you will have a better experience in college. Exploring different opportunities is the best way to grow in college. 

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