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Top Events During College Welcome Week

top events during college welcome week

College Welcome Week kicks off the academic year with a bang! It’s the time when your campus comes alive with a whirlwind of events that are all about making friends, discovering cool clubs, and diving headfirst into the college adventure. From pep rallies that bring out school spirit to laid-back social events where you can meet your future study buddies, Welcome Week is the ultimate initiation into the college life.

To help you be ready, Collegeboxes has put together a list of the most common events that take place during College Welcome Week:

First Week Festival

During move-in week, students encounter a roller coaster of emotions. Something to ease these emotions is a welcome festival. There is an assortment of things like playing carnival games, getting food, and listening to live music. This really makes the first week of college memorable and is a wonderful way to socialize, making new friends.

Club Fair

One of the best features of college is that there is a club for almost anything. The club fair is the perfect opportunity to scope out a club that suits you. If you cannot find a club that suits your interests, then you can always start a new one. Seeing what opportunities are available at club fairs is a fantastic way to make friends and get involved. Being in clubs can make your college experience more exciting.

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Club Social Events

During the first week of school, a lot of clubs are trying to recruit more members. You will see many different events being held by clubs where you can socialize with members to learn if the club is a good fit for you. Another plus is that free food and snacks are often available for anyone who attends the event.

Job Fair

While in school, it can be difficult to get a job that is flexible with your schedule. Something to seek out during welcome week is a job fair. Here you can find job opportunities for students to work on or around campus. Going to the fair, students can find jobs to apply to now or learn about options for future employment. Some of the future job opportunities include internships that can help students get a leg up in their career path.

Greek Life

During welcome week, Greek Life holds events for students to get to know the sororities and fraternities on campus. You might be on the fence about joining a sorority or fraternity but there is no harm in checking them out. Joining a sorority or fraternity can be a lot of fun. Just by going to the events you might end up finding a perfect fit!

Football Games

Football games are an important part of the college experience. Being able to show school spirit, regardless of how good your school’s team is, is a lot of fun.  Also, some schools don’t have a football team, but other sports fill that void, like Volleyball and Soccer.  At school athletic events, you get to see many new faces, maybe experience a victory, and have fun with classmates, fans, and alumni.

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We hope this information helps you have an unforgettable College Welcome Week that sets the tone for an exciting academic journey ahead.

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