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Moving After College: 5 Tips for Recent Grads

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Graduating college is a huge accomplishment to be proud of. After four long years (and even longer nights), it’s finally time to snatch that diploma and celebrate! But once the festivities are over, only one question remains: what happens next?  

Now is the time to spring into action and jump into the world of adulthood. Life after college can seem intimidating at first, but you aren’t alone in the struggle! Here are 5 Collegeboxes-approved tips to help you transition into life post-graduation.

Organize Your Stuff

Life after college can be hectic, especially while you’re also planning your next move. No matter where you’re headed next, it’s important to get all your belongings in order before you go.  

Declutter: Get rid of anything you don’t need anymore. Either donate it or consider trying to resell it at a consignment store or thrifting app. 

Label Everything: Resist the urge to throw everything into a box and call it a day. Pack with a plan and label every box so you have an easier time unpacking later. It’s also a good idea to have an essentials box packed with all the stuff you’ll need right after your move. This can include things like hygiene supplies, chargers, and other necessities.

Keep it Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Why bother with the hassle of moving, anyway? With Collegeboxes, we can keep all your stuff safe and secure at a local U-Haul facility near you. Then, whenever you’re ready, you can just pick it up later. 

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1. Confirm Your Next Steps

After the dust has settled and the party has ended, it’s time to figure out where you’re going to go next. Once you have your home base figured out, you can iron out the other details, like finding a new job!

Saving for an Apartment 

Most college graduates have already had some experience with dorming and apartment life. So, you probably have a good idea of how much it’ll cost to live on your own. If you think you won’t be able to handle rent on your own, consider getting a few roommates!

Consider Living with Your Parents 

Nothing is more affordable than crashing with your parents, but we all know that it isn’t ideal. While it’s not very glamourous, living with your parents can take stress off your plate. This means you can take more time to find a good job, invest in some hobbies, and feel less pressure overall.

2. Create Personal and Professional Goals 

Goal setting is a good way to get some motivation and keep you grounded after college. Some goals can be small and easily attainable, while others can be a little larger and take time to achieve. Let’s break down a few different goals you can set for yourself.  

Short-Term Goals: These are easier goals that you can carry out within a shorter span of time. These are used to help motivate you toward larger goals. 

Long-Term Goals: These are goals that will take you a little longer to accomplish. 

Life Goals: Life goals are like your ultimate hopes and dreams. Try to keep them realistic! 

Here are a few examples of each to give you some ideas to start with: 

Short-Term Goals Long-Term Goals Life Goals 
Update your resume Landing a job Starting your own business 
Getting a fitness routine Learning a language Become a full-time artist 
Making time to volunteer Saving up for an apartment Own a farm 

3. Create a Monthly Budget

Implementing a budget is a great way to take ownership of your finances and save some money. But if you’ve never made one before, it may seem intimidating. Realistically, it can be done in just five easy steps.

Calculate Your Total Income: Whether you’re an intern, a barista, or entry-level professional, calculate how much money you make in a month. 

Track Where Your Money Goes: About half of your income should go to the necessities like rent, utilities, bills, health, and groceries. 

Set a Goal: Are you trying to get your own place? Or are you saving up for a car? Having a goal in mind will make it easier to stick to your budget. It also helps you decide how much money should go into your savings account. 

Make a Plan: Here is where you’ll make the cuts and decide where your money goes. Many people will break their spending into three categories: wants, needs, and savings. Usually, about half of your income will go into your “needs,” but it’s up to you how much you’ll save and spend. 

Review and Edit Your Budget Regularly: Things change! Maybe you got a great new job or a lucrative side-gig and suddenly you have a little more money to work with. Either way, it’s good practice to check up on your budget and see if it’s still working for you.

4. Research Companies Carefully Before Applying

If you’re looking for a job, it can be easy to just shoot off as many applications as possible. But nowadays, many bad actors will post fake or inaccurate job postings to scam earnest job hunters. 

Instead of applying only on websites like LinkedIn or Indeed, consider applying directly on employers’ job portals and career websites. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to a recruiter directly to ensure the job posting is legit.

5. Network, Network, Network!

When it comes to both your professional and personal life, networking is incredibly important. It not only helps you assimilate into a new city easier, but it can also help you land a job. Life is too short to be a wallflower, so get out there and make some friends at work and in your community!

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Make the Transition Easier with Collegeboxes

With all the stuff you have to keep track of after graduation, moving should be the last thing on your mind. And with Collegeboxes, it can be! With our direct shipping service, we can deliver your belongings to any address in the world. And if you don’t have the space for your belongings, we can store them for as low as $13 a month

So, ready to give adulthood a try? You don’t have to make the leap alone, Collegeboxes is here to help! 

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