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How to Pack Your Closet

How To Pack Your Closet

If you’re like the rest of us, folding clothes is not in your top 5 favorite things to do, let alone packing them. So, we tend to just throw them in the box and call it good. But when you’re putting those boxes in storage or packing for college, then that’s not enough. To help with this, Collegeboxes has tips on how to pack your closet to keep your clothes looking their best.

Box Up Clean Clothes Only

By washing your clothes before packing them, it will keep them smelling and looking fresh. This also makes sure that any stains or smells won’t transfer to other clothing. Just be sure to pack the clothes only when they are COMPLETELY dry. This is important to keep mold away. Plus, when you’re ready to unpack, it’s all ready to go!  Imagine how awful it would be to discover a strange smell coming from your clothes after you finish decorating your dorm room.

Smart Packing

Avoid using vacuum seal bags if packing for a long period of time. Yes, they are great when it comes to saving space, but not when it comes to storing your expensive clothing. Vacuum seal bags trap moisture which can cause your clothes to grow mold, which can happen from slightly damp clothes. They can also permanently misshape your clothing (like collared shirts and dress pants). Instead, use them for other items such as bulky blankets and pillows.

A great alternative is using a wardrobe box. These come equipped with a hanging rod for hangers inside the box (just like an actual closet). Hanging your clothing in a box will allow it to “breathe” while in storage, preventing moisture build-up and mold. It will also help keep the shape and reduce wrinkles. Use only plastic or wooden hangers to avoid rust. Suitcases are always a good option as well, considering they were made for holding clothes. Use these for excess clothing, or the nicer, more important clothes to keep them extra protected.

Now, for the dreaded packing of shoes. Pack shoes separately from your clothing, or wrap each pair up in plastic bags. This will help to prevent your clothes from getting dirty. You can use them to save space by packing pairs of socks in the shoes. Stuff shoes with socks or paper to help keep their shape while in storage.

Properly packing your closet will make college move-in day much easier!

By taking some extra time packing your clothes now will make your life so much easier when unpacking. Your future self will be thanking you. Let your future self also thank you for picking the right college moving service. Our Storage and Shipping program allows us to move all those heavy clothes boxes and store them until you need them again. All you need to do is pack that closet, and we do the rest.