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Essential Winter Gear for College Students

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When you’re packing for school, it can be easy to forget that winter is right around the corner. If you’re attending school up where it snows, like Ohio or Philadelphia, it’s especially important to make sure you’re bundled up and staying dry.

At Collegeboxes, we have been all over the U.S. and Canada, so we know all the items you’ll need to thrive during the colder months. Don’t get caught unprepared: stay cozy with these winter must-haves!

Embrace Heated Blankets

Blankets are a dorm necessity, but heated blankets take comfort to the next level. They’re ideal for winter nights or for when you want to avoid cranking up the dorm heater. Blankets are always a cozy addition to any room. And with heated blankets, you’ll always feel warm and snug. Just make sure you unplug it before you go to sleep or leave your dorm!

Girl under a blanket with a mug looking out the window

Warm Up with Hot Beverages

Indulge in comforting winter drinks like cocoa or cider. And you can’t go wrong with the college student’s favorite: coffee! You can easily whip up these drinks in your dorm, providing some extra warmth during chilly mornings and late-night study sessions.

Secure Traction with Snow Boots

Ensure your safety with dedicated snow boots featuring bottom traction. Uggs might be fashionable, but snow boots provide stability on icy sidewalks and streets. Opt for trusted brands like Doc. Martin Boots to keep your feet warm and slip-free.

Beanies for Style and Warmth

Combat messy hair days and chilly weather with stylish beanies. They keep your head warm and dry, offering a practical solution to maintain your style during winter.

Man with a red beanie in the snow

Waterproof Bags for the Snow

Invest in a waterproof bag or backpack to shield your essentials from snow. This ensures your papers, computer, and belongings stay dry. This will give you some extra peace of mind as you navigate the snowy landscapes around campus.

Girl in a black snow coat and a smile

Invest in a Quality Snow Coat

Don’t underestimate the need for a reliable snow coat. Unlike hoodies or jackets, a proper snow coat keeps you warm, whether it is snowing or not. It also prevents the snow from seeping through your clothes and getting you all wet. Consider investing in a few coats so you can rotate between a couple of coats to stay dry and toasty in unpredictable winter weather.

Opt for Reusable Hand Warmers

Prioritize sustainability with reusable hand warmers. They come in a wide variety of forms, from rechargeable electric heaters to gel-based packs. While gel warmers are cost-effective, electronic options offer convenience with adjustable heat settings.

Stay Connected with Touchscreen Gloves 

Keep your hands warm and stay connected with touchscreen gloves. These gloves allow easy phone use without the hassle of removing them. They’re equally warm and affordable, which makes them a winter essential for tech-savvy college students.

Gloved hands holding a phone

Combat Dry Skin with Lip Balm and Moisturizer 

Fight winter dryness with lip balm and travel-sized lotion! Apply lotion after showering to lock in moisture and prevent dry, cracked skin. Stock up on Chapstick and lotion to keep your skin hydrated throughout the winter months. Stay moisturized and comfortable in the face of winter’s harsh conditions.

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Despite the chilly weather, winter is a perfect time to get out and explore! There are plenty of events and activities to participate in, and plenty of gorgeous landscapes to explore. Need someone to keep an eye on your stuff while you go off and make the most of winter? Collegeboxes has your back! We can store your items for as long as you need for only $13 a month. And when you’re ready to head back to school, we can ship your items wherever they need to go, even straight to your dorm room.

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