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Collegeboxes School of the Month: Davidson College

Davidson College Campus

Collegeboxes knows a thing or two about different universities. As the No. 1 student storage and shipping provider, Collegeboxes wants to spotlight one of the 350-plus schools we serve each month. 

Davidson College is our School of the Month for October. Davidson is one of our latest partners. Schools that partner with Collegeboxes can offer discount codes to students and other services like pre-arrival delivery. Interested in your school becoming a partner with Collegeboxes? Find out more on our partnership page.

Where is Davidson College?

Davidson College is in Davidson, North Carolina, which can be found east of Lake Norman and about 20 miles north of the state’s biggest city; Charlotte. For students coming from out of state, getting to Davidson College should be easy. Most Davidson students not within driving distance can fly into Charlotte Douglas International Airport and drive or take public transportation to campus. This is important because despite having less than 2,000 (as of 2022) students enrolled at Davidson College, the student body is represented by every state in the United States and 46 different countries.

What is Davidson College Known for?

Davidson College is a private, liberal arts college with a long history. The Presbyterians of North Carolina established the school in 1837. As found in its Statement of Purpose, Davidson tries “to assist students in developing humane instincts and disciplined and creative minds for lives of leadership and service.”

The school does this while keeping a Christian tradition. Students use faith and reason together to grow in wisdom. It’s very important for first-year students to be emerged in the Presbyterian Heritage of Davidson. First-year students all must sign the school’s Honor Code. The Honor Code Ceremony is a monumental moment for students as they pledge to the college’s honor-bound past. The Honor Code has existed for over 100 years and holds students to the standard that they won’t steal, lie, or cheat.

There are plenty of other fun traditions as well. In 1951, Flickerball was created. The game almost feels like Quidditch from Harry Potter without the brooms. First-year residence halls still compete in intramural Flickerball tournaments annually. Then there’s the Cake Race and Midnight Scream. Back in 1930, the school needed to find freshmen for the track and field team. First-year students can – it used to be mandatory – race till the end where there are homemade cakes waiting for them. The Midnight Scream lets students take out, yell out any built-up stress. The Davidson tradition begins Friday at midnight, the day of the first exams, when students let out a scream in unity across campus.

Davidson College doesn’t bring in the headlines for athletics. However, with a small student body, more than 25 percent of students are varsity athletes across 21 Division I sports. Most college sport fans associated Davidson with muti-time NBA MVP Steph Curry, who led the Wildcats to an Elite Eight appearance in the 2008 NCAA Tournament before falling to eventual champion, Kansas.

In terms of rankings and according to U.S. News, Davidson ranks as the 15th National Liberal Art College. Among those colleges, Davidson ranks third in best undergraduate teaching, ninth most innovative, a top 10 value, and top 25 in first-year experiences.

Davidson College Storage and Shipping Solutions through Collegeboxes

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