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Collegeboxes is the Preferred Storage Partner for Augustana College Students

Collegeboxes movers help move a student into her dorm room.

Moving to and from Augustana College has never been easier! Thanks to our partnership with Augustana, Collegeboxes is the preferred storage partner for “Vikings” seeking convenient summer storage and shipping services. 

By combining our expertise with Augustana’s commitment to student success, parents and students can expect a smooth and stress-free moving experience in the fall or spring. 

Who is Collegeboxes? 

A division of U-Haul, Collegeboxes has been helping students and their families ace their college moving journey since 1999. We’ve been partnering with schools for over 20 years to streamline the process even further, making it easier than ever for students and their families to relocate. Simply sign up, pack up, and we’ll handle the rest. 

What We Do Best for Augustana Students 

If you’re not familiar with the Collegeboxes service, we provide convenient dorm room pick-up and delivery of students’ belongings to simplify the college moving process. Whether you’re moving out for the summer or moving in for the new school year, our services are tailored to make the process as seamless as possible. 

At Augustana, students receive more than just our standard service offerings. As a preferred storage partner, we work directly with Residential Life at Augustana to provide personalized service at industry-leading prices ensuring a smoother and more convenient moving process for students. 

Summer Storage 

Our traditional Collegeboxes summer storage services at the best price in the industry! After you sign up, you can elect to have a Collegeboxes Supply Kit shipped to your home or dorm. Simply pack up your stuff, then we’ll pick up from your destination and place your things in storage, or ship to any address worldwide. Storage prices are on a per item basis, so you only pay for the storage you need. 

Storage with U-Box Containers 

As the preferred storage partner, Collegeboxes also provides U-Box portable moving and storage containers to Augustana students, right there on campus. U-Box containers provide unmatched flexibility when it comes to storage. 

How it works: Your container is delivered to a designated area on campus – you pack and load on your time. When you’re ready, we’ll pick up your container and securely store it until you return next year or ship it to your destination. It’s so easy! 

U-Box containers can be used for storage for multiple students. Each container can fit about a room and half’s worth of stuff, so there is plenty of storage room available. 

Sign Up for Collegeboxes 

Are you looking to make your college moving journey easier? Sign up for Collegeboxes today to get started. 

Even if you’re not a student at Augustana College, we provide service to more than 350 schools in the U.S. and Canada, so it’s a good bet we’re at your school, too! 

Are you a school interested in partnering with us? Learn more about our partnership opportunities and how we can work together to help the students at your school.