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Collegeboxes, Barnard Sustainability Partner for Give & Go Green 

Barnard Students at the event

Collegeboxes is proud to announce its partnership with Barnard Sustainability of Barnard College. In May of 2022, Collegeboxes helped with Barnard Sustainability’s Give & Go Green move-out event. Give and Go Green provides a sustainable move-out option for students. 

As students pack up to move off campus they can donate gently used items that might get thrown out otherwise. Students are welcome to donate any clothing, books, and certain household appliances as they move out. The donations are either given to local charities such as Wearable Collections and Gradbag or stored over the summer for the Green Sale, which occurs in the fall. Collegeboxes donated transportation, moving labor, and storage to pick up and store the items that will be used for the Green Sale.  

“It’s great working with Leslie Raucher (the Associate Director of Campus Sustainability and Climate Action at Barnard College, Columbia University),” said Dain Howell, Director of Collegeboxes. “Campus Sustainability and Climate Action at Barnard College has created a program that is not only great for the environment, but great for Barnard students.“ 

During the Green Sale, dorm goods are sold to first-year and transfer students for a small fee. Profits from the Green Sale go directly back to the students in the form of the Climate Action Grant which gives them resources to be a part of creating positive changes on the Barnard campus, in New York City and beyond.  

“Instead of students buying new items, such as refrigerators, when they get to school, they can buy one at the at school for a fraction of the price,” Howell said. “How? At the end of the school year, Barnard students can bring items they don’t need anymore to a central area on campus, where Collegeboxes picks them up, stores them, are delivers them back to campus right before school starts. Items are listed for sale and students can purchase items they need. This keeps a lot of useful products that have a lot of life left in them out of a landfill.”  

“We, at Collegeboxes, use the same pickup, storage, and delivery service for this sustainable program as we use for thousands of students using our services around the country.” 

Collegeboxes, the No. 1 Student Storage and Shipping Provider, powered by U-Haul, was able to provide storage to Barnard Sustainability since Barnard College is one of 350-plus schools at which Collegeboxes provides college moving services. Barnard students and others nationwide have used Collegeboxes for Storage and Shipping, Ship to School, and Direct Shipping.