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15 of the Best Summer Jobs for College Students

College student working as barista

Summer is here and college students all over are on the lookout for the best jobs to make some cash and have a blast! In this article, we’ve got you covered with summer job ideas tailor-made for college students. From internships to flexible part-time gigs, Collegeboxes will help you find the perfect opportunity to earn money while making unforgettable memories this summer. 


Being a barista can be a lot of fun. Working at Starbucks or a local coffee shop in your town could help you make extra money for the summer. You can learn to make your favorite drinks while also making friends with your coworkers. The benefits of being a barista are free drinks and some places, like Starbucks, give their employees free Spotify premium, too. 

Movie Theater

Working at a movie theater can be an awesome summer job! Free movies and discounts are some of the cool perks when working at a theater. During the summertime, they have summer specials for kids and even big summer blockbusters released. The job itself is not too hard as you can work in four different areas as a team member. From ushering to concessions to the ticket booth, it can be a worthwhile opportunity where you can be given the ability to excel in different areas. Many teens work this job so it should not be too hard to make some extra friends. If you are looking for a fun summer job, being a movie theater worker might be for you. 

Camp Counselor

Being a camp counselor can help you make new friends, new memories, and live in the moment. You get to be an influence in a couple of kids’ lives! Camp counselors are always needed during the summer. If you love nature, projects, and helping children this just might be the perfect job for you.  

Freelance Work

Doing freelance work can be super helpful to college students. From pet sitting, dog walking, yard work, or babysitting. You can do gigs at your own pace and not have to worry about when you go back to college. Your whole summer can still be filled with fun while you are still making money on the side.  

college student intern


Internships can be a lot of fun while also gaining work experience that may help you in the field you might be interested in. Specific internships can open your eyes to changing your career path or ensure that you want to be in the field of the specific internship. Internships are always being sought out during the summer so keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities. 

Food Delivery

Providing food delivery service with companies such as Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and Door Dash is schedule friendly. You can deliver at your own pace and choose which jobs you would like to pursue. Although it can be time-consuming as you drive around the city, it helps you make the extra cash without having to stay stuck to a specific job. You can still do food delivery at specific restaurants that would include but not limit you to pizza places.  

Animal Shelter Associate

Any animal lover who would love to help make a difference in rescuing or treating animals might want to search for positions at their local animal shelter. You can spend your summer making a difference in your community.  

Bowling Alley

Bowling alleys get significantly busier during the summer, specifically the nighttime. With this increase, they are looking to hire seasonal staff. Working at a bowling alley you can make friends with coworkers, get free food, and sometimes free bowling.  

Trampoline Park

Working at a trampoline park you get to monitor courts, work in concessions, be a party associate, and sell wristbands. With the variance at trampoline parks, it can be hard to grow sick of it. In doing all of this you can also make friends and have a fun summer! The benefits of working at a trampoline park can include free jumping sessions, discounted food, and tips. If you like cleaning and being around kids, this might be an excellent job for you.  

Ice cream Shop

As summer hits, ice cream shops are the staple. With traffic coming in and out of the shop, even tourists wanting to check out a local shop, time will fly. Benefits of working at an ice cream shop can include free or discounted ice cream along with cash tips.  

college student working as life guard


If you are coming and going from your home state and college, it can be difficult keeping a job. Being a lifeguard is a fun option for college students that like being outdoors. You can get a tan while also making some extra money. Since public pools are only open during the summer, they are always looking for lifeguards to work. All you need to become a lifeguard is a certification course, which is not too difficult by any means and makes you CPR certified.  

Golf Caddy

Golf courses are a hole-in-one during the summer. As a golf caddy, you can make connections and carry around a golf bag. This is an easy job with not long hours. The environment is nice to be in and when talking to the golfers you caddy for you get great life advice. Sometimes scholarships can be given out for being a golf caddy which can be an amazing benefit for a fellow college student. Benefits can differ per golf course, but they can include free golf and discounted food.  

Swimming Instructor

Being a swim instructor is very rewarding as you teach children how to swim, which has a substantial impact on that kid’s life. This is making a difference as you get to have fun swimming most of the day. The benefits that come with being a swimming instructor are being an important figure in a kid’s life while also getting to swim all day.  

Theme Park Worker

If you are lucky enough to have a theme park in your state, it might be the perfect opportunity to apply. You can have a lot of fun selling tickets, serving concession items, running rides, or even the arcade area if there is one included. This can give you the opportunity to have a lot of fun meeting new people and working in so many different areas.  

National Park Associate

If you live near a National Park, the summertime is the perfect time to apply. National Parks get super busy over the summer due to tourists popping up for vacation. This is an amazing job if you love the outdoors and nature. Depending on the National Park there is so much wildlife and beauty to see. You can gain pre-professional work experience and get the benefit of seeing nature. 

We hope this article helps you find a fantastic summer job! 

Summer jobs for college students provide an incredible opportunity to make the most of your summer break while gaining valuable experience and building essential skills. Whether it’s through internships, part-time jobs, or freelancing gigs, these summer positions offer a chance to explore your passions, expand your network, and boost your resume. 

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