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15 Best On-Campus Jobs for College Students

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Getting a part-time job during college is a fantastic way to earn extra cash. It’s also an easy way to start earning work experience so you can pad your resume with relevant skills and accomplishments. 

For many students, finding an on-campus job is the way to go. These types of jobs typically offer flexible scheduling, better convenience, and in some cases, extra access to certain facilities or resources. Jobs on campus can also offer ways to meet new people and network. Plus, you may be able to quality work-study funding, depending on the gig. Even though the pay may not be as good, it’s certainly got its perks. 

If you’re considering finding work at your school, be on the lookout for these 15 on campus jobs for students, recommended by Collegeboxes, your college storage and moving experts! 

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1. Campus Living Assistant 

If you like helping other students, this may be the perfect job. Campus living jobs, such as resident assistants (RAs) or community assistants (CAs), live in the dorms on campus helping other students. This job has a lot of responsibilities. This primarily includes managing some of the students in your hall and hosting events to help other students get involved in the community. 

Another part of the job is working at the front desk of your hall where students may ask questions, borrow equipment, or request a spare key. Working at the front desk is a paid position per hour which also does not conflict with your academic schedule. The other benefits of this job are free housing and meal plans are covered, sometimes up to 100%! 

2. Campus Dining 

The dining halls or dining spots around campus are always in need of help. There are many positions available in the dining hall, such as a cashier, cook, dishwasher, busser, or server. This gives a lot of flexibility in either changing positions or shifts with other co-workers. Benefits of this job include free meals every time you work, flexibility in your work schedule, and a lively, fast-paced work environment. 

3. Campus Tour Guide

Leading campus tours at your school is a fun way to learn more about your college campus and then pass that info to others. This is an important job that helps get prospective students excited for starting or transferring to your school. It’s more than just leading tours, though – you’ll likely have other responsibilities at the central office to mix things up. Talk about an awesome opportunity to meet new people and spend time in a flourishing environment! 

4. Bookstore Cashier 

The bookstore is the perfect environment for someone who likes to work at a slower pace. Its sells everything from school merch and school supplies, to textbooks and random décor for your dorm room. A job in the bookstore tends to have a chill vibe and pays well. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in business, the bookstore could be a solid place to start! 

5. Bus Driver 

Being a bus driver is a solid choice for introverts or people who simply love to drive. Bus drivers are always in demand, as college campuses have multiple bus routes and thousands of bus riders. An underrated aspect of this job is that you will never have to work late or on weekends. More time for studying (or other activities)! 

6. Traffic Director 

Traffic Directors play a vital role on campus. Basically, they help control the flow of traffic so the streets aren’t packed with cars and students like you can get to class on time (we know you’re worried about that last part). This position is also responsible for offering resolutions to make sure that traffic flows smoothly. Traffic directors enjoy flexibility with their school schedules. 

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7. Tutor 

Being a tutor is not for everyone, but for those that have a strong subject knowledge, people skills, and patience, tutoring might be a perfect job opportunity. This is such an influential job that really makes an impact on other students.

It can be difficult to teach others if you don’t have much experience, but in the end, you are doing something good for someone else, which always feels great. Plus, this might help you gain valuable teaching experience (a big plus if you’re thinking about becoming a teacher yourself). 

8. Lab Preparation 

Because professors teach a significant number of classes, they often need help preparing for their labs. The lab prepper position is a paid opportunity where you need to follow instructions on what must be prepared for the week. It offers steady work and is quite enjoyable. 

9. Library Assistant 

Libraries on campus, whether there is only one or multiple, provide all kinds of employment opportunities. Other than checking books and study rooms out to students, you also get the responsibility of ordering books, restocking returned books, and communicating with sister schools about borrowing resources. There is so much more to do in this job position. If you like working with books and enjoy the peace of the library, this is definitely a fit for you. 

10. Recreation Center 

Recreation centers on campus play a crucial role in students’ lives, making this job incredibly important. These centers offer a wide range of facilities, such as fitness centers, courts or fields, aquatic centers, and even rock-climbing walls.

As an employee, your main responsibilities will revolve around providing memberships, checking student IDs, assisting with student training, maintaining equipment, organizing programs to foster student engagement, and addressing any other specific needs of the center. If you have a passion for athletics or health and wellness, this gig might just be the perfect fit for you. 

11. Social Media Internship 

Being a social media intern is an awesome job opportunity if you’re at all interested in media, marketing, or communications. In this role, you’ll create content for your college’s social media platforms. This is a high-commitment job where attending school events, or most of them, is mandatory. This helps you promote student involvement and even shows students ways they can be involved. If you are creative and work well with others, this is a job for you. 

12. Teacher Assistant 

Being a teacher assistant (TA) involves getting paid just for helping a teacher out in some capacity, per semester. Typically, this opportunity aligns with your major, making it a valuable addition to your resume and future career path. The best part is that it only requires a commitment of five to 10 hours per week. So, not only do you get paid, but you also gain relevant experience while keeping a manageable workload. 

13. Student Card Office 

Working at your school’s student card office is a productive and stress-free job. There is always something to do. Making sure that students can access, replace, or get a new student ID card and fix any issues they’re having is the main responsibility you’ll face with this job. 

14. Testing Proctor 

Being a proctor at a testing center is fairly easy. This job’s main duties include administering different exams, such as placement exams, academic exams, certification exams, and professional exams. In doing so, you’ll help students log into the exams and make sure there are no prohibited items in the room. A benefit of this job is that you can always assist in other departments when help is needed. 

15. Front Desk Assistant 

As a front desk assistant, you are the first person that families, students, and staff talk to when calling the college. Other responsibilities in this role include helping students with tutoring appointments and finding resources they may need. Other duties in this role depend on the building or department. This role is suitable for any student with good people skills who work well with others.

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