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Who is Collegeboxes?
Collegeboxes is a student storage, shipping, and moving company owned by U-Haul International, Inc.  Collegeboxes combines U-Haul's network of storage facilities, Moving Helpers, and truck rental locations to provide high quality and economical storage, shipping, and moving services to students nationwide.   back to top

What experience does Collegeboxes have?
Collegeboxes has been doing student storage, shipping, and moving since 1999.  Acquired by U-Haul, International, Inc., Collegeboxes now has the ability to provide our services anywhere.  U-Haul International, Inc will integrate its industry leading technology with Collegeboxes and offer the advice of its experienced management team to help make Collegeboxes' services better than ever. back to top

What services does Collegeboxes provide?
Collegeboxes provides storage (for summer, winter, study abroad, or anytime), shipping home, ship to school, pick up and delivery, and moving services. back to top

How does your service work?
You must first register as a customer on our website and order one of our services.  After completing your order and paying for a supply kit, Collegeboxes will lead you through the entire move-out process.

You will be able to select a move out and move in date and time that fits your schedule best.  During move out week, we will come right to your room to collect your storage and shipping items.  Storage items will be stored in a climate controlled warehouse near your campus and delivered to your new address when you return to school.  Shipped items will be sent via UPS to the address you specify. back to top

I have used your service in the past. Do I need to create a new account?
Yes, you must create a new account each time you use our service. back to top


Can I store my electronics?
Yes, just be sure to pack properly to secure your contents!  The most common error made in packing electronics is failing to properly protect the contents within the packing container.  When this happens, shocks received on the outside of the carton can pass through to the electronics, causing damage.  You should consider the following suggestions when packing your electronics for shipping and storage:

  • Use the original boxes to pack computers and other electronics.  They are the correct size and the original packing materials, if kept, will help ensure the safety of the contents.
  • Use Bubble Wrap®, towels, blankets, newspaper, or clothes to fill opens spaces and cushion your electronics.  Make certain that your electronics are secure enough so that they cannot move around inside. 

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How do I create and print storage labels?

  1. Login to your Collegeboxes account created during signup
  2. Scroll to "Creat & Print Labels for Your Storage and/or Shipping Items" section.
  3. Create a label for EACH item you want to store or ship.
    1. Storage Labels - items you want to be picked up and stored
      1. Click "Add Storage Item" button
      2. Select the item description from the drop down list
      3. Write a brief description
      4. Add additional declared valuation if desired (first $100 is FREE)
  4. Print your storage labels by clicking on the "PRINT LABEL" link next to each item.
    Please note: the "PRINT LABEL" link will only appear after you have added your items.
  5. Attach your labels to the corresponding items in the space provided on the boxes using the label pouches or tape.
    If storing miscellaneous items like refrigerators, suitcases, bikes, futons, etc. attach your label with tape or the nylon zip ties included in your starter/supply kit.

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Can I store my furniture?
Yes.  Collegeboxes stores most types of furniture including bikes, trunks, rugs, refrigerators, shelves, futons, desks, filing cabinets, chairs and more!  Due to their weight, we cannot accept pull-out couches. back to top

Can I store my bicycle, skis and other sports equipment?
Yes.  Collegeboxes can store your bike, skis, snowboard or golf clubs. back to top

Do you have restrictions on the types of things that can be stored?
Yes.  Hazardous materials, liquids, jewelry, cash, perishable items, and valuables cannot be stored with Collegeboxes.  All packages must be packed appropriately and in accordance with our packing tips. back to top

Do you offer extended storage?
Yes.  Collegeboxes can meet your long-term storage needs.  Whether you are going away for a semester or want to store for a whole year, we can arrange storage.  We charge our regular full-service storage prices for each semester that the items are stored beyond the summer. back to top

Are there any weight limits for my boxes?
You will want to make sure your storage boxes are less than 70lbs.  Any items that are extra large and/or heavy, you will need to add these items to your account as XL items. back to top

What if I order a box kit with five boxes but only want to store three boxes?
You can store as many boxes as you need.  We will only charge you for the number of boxes we actually pick up. back to top


How does your shipping service work?
You print your shipping labels online using your Collegeboxes account.  Simply log into your account and click on the “Add Shipping Item” button.  This is where you will create a shipping label.  Fill in the requested information and print out the shipping label.  Prices of the shipping services are calculated using an estimated weight based on the box dimensions and destination address.  Shipping labels MUST be printed and affixed to your shipping item(s).  Collegeboxes will NOT accept any unlabeled shipping items. back to top

How do I prepare my items for shipping? 

  1. Login to your Collegeboxes account created during sign up.
  2. Scroll to "Create & Print Your Labels for Storage and/or Shipping Items" section.
  3. Create a label for EACH item you want to store or ship.
    1. Shipping Label - for boxes you want to be picked up and shipped immediately
      1. Click "Add Shipping Item" button
      2. Select the box description from the drop down list
      3. Write a brief description
      4. Add additional protection if desired (first $100 is FREE)
      5. Enter the address where you would like the box shipped
  4. Print your shipping labels by clicking on the "PRINT LABEL" link next to each item.
    Please note: the "PRINT LABEL" link will only appear after you have added your items.
  5. Attach your shipping labels to the corresponding items in the space provided on the boxes using the label pouches or tape.

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Can I sign up for shipping only with no storage?
Yes.  You will go through the Collegeboxes sign up process just as you would our storage service.  After you are signed up, you will only enter shipping items into your inventory.  You will leave the "Delivery Information" blanks as this is for delivery of storage items. back to top

When will my shipping items be shipped?
All items usually ship with in one to two business days after they are picked up. back to top

What destinations does your shipping service cover?
We can ship your packages anywhere in the United States.  Collegeboxes is currently working with FedEx to offer international shipping anywhere FedEx delivers. back to top

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping services are calculated using an estimated weight based on the box dimensions and the destination address. back to top

Can I ship Alcohol?
NO.  The shipment of alcoholic beverages is highly regulated.  Therefore, the shipping of alcoholic beverages IS NOT ALLOWED USING COLLEGEBOXES SHIPPING SERVICES. back to top

Can I ship furniture?
Yes, but only if the furniture is boxed.  Our shipping carriers UPS and FedEx require all items shipped be in boxes, luggage, or trunks. back to top

What are the weight and size limits on shipping items?
Max Weight:   70LBS.  Max length (longest side of package):  108 inches.  Maximum size of package is 160 inches in combined length plus girth (L + 2W + 2H).  Here is the simple explanation:  Take the longest side (L), then add 2 times the width (W), then add 2 times the height (H).  If the result is under 165" we can ship your package (some exclusions apply for international shipments to select countries) back to top

Why does my status say “Shipped” when I have not shipped my boxes yet?
When you print your shipping labels a FedEx tracking number is created for each of your items. This changes your status to “Shipped”. Not to worry your items will still be picked up by FedEx and shipped to our storage facility. back to top

International Shipping

How do you ship items internationally?
We ship all items via FedEx international. back to top

How much does an international shipment cost?
For a free quote please contact us at  When contacting us, please include:

  • Your ship from address with zip/postal code
  • Your ship to address with zip/postal code
  • The number of boxes you are shipping
  • The weights and dimensions of the boxes you are shipping (L x W x H)

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What is required to ship my items internationally?
International shipments require additional customs documentation.  To prepare this documentation, we will need a detailed list of the items in your boxes and your passport ID number. back to top

Can I track my international shipment?Yes.  We will provide you with your tracking numbers so you can track your items through back to top

How long will it take for my items to be delivered to an international address?
Delivery depends on FedEx shipping times.  Most shipments take 3-14 business days. back to top

Are international shipments covered against loss or damage?
Yes.  See Declared Valuation. back to top

Can I ship to the United States?
Yes.  Using our "Ship to School" service we can have your items shipped to the United States.  We will provide you with international shipping labels and schedule FedEx to pick up your boxes from your address. back to top

How do I get my shipping labels?
Collegeboxes will either mail or email you your international shipping labels. back to top

Storage Locations

Where are your storage facilities located?
Our U-Haul storage locations and professionally managed storage warehouses are within driving distance from each campus we serve. back to top

Are your storage facilities climate controlled?
Yes.  All of our storage locations are climate controlled. back to top

Can I access or pickup my belongings while in storage?
Yes, you can access or pickup your stored items from our nearby facility with 1-2 days notice during normal business hours.  There is no charge to arrange this service the first time. A $25 charge will apply for repeated access. back to top

Boxes and Packing Supplies

Do you provide packaging supplies?
Yes.  Each customer may choose to purchase one or more supply kits during sign up process or after sign up.  Purchasing our supply kit is not required.  The kit includes 5 double-walled boxes, tape ,marker, adhesive pouches, zip ties, and labels. back to top

What is included in a Collegeboxes Supply/Starter Kit? 
Collegeboxes' signature Supply/Starter Kit contains everything you need for just $39.99 plus tax (FREE shipping).  Kit includes: 5 double walled boxes (24"x16"x18"), 1 roll of tape, 1 marker, 5 zip ties, 10 label pouches, and shipping to your dorm. back to top

How many boxes do you recommend I purchase?
Most customers find the 5 boxes (24"x16"x18") contained in our Supply/Starter Kit sufficient, however, feel free to order as many kits as you like.  You can also order additional boxes from our partner, U-Haul.  Go to to have boxes shipped to you, or purchase boxes for pickup at a local U-Haul facility. back to top

Can I use other boxes besides the ones provided in the Collegeboxes supply kit?
If you are in need of additional boxes last minute, you can purchase boxes at your nearest U-Haul store.  Visit for a list of locations in your area. back to top

Can I reuse my Collegeboxes that I used to store/ship last year?
Absolutely!  If your boxes are still in good condition reuse them.  You will want to make sure you remove all storage and/or shipping labels from your boxes and replace them with new ones. back to top

Where and how will my supply kit be delivered?
Supply kits are shipped out via UPS or FedEx.  At most schools, supply kits are delivered to the mailroom.  For our Ship to School service, your supply kit will be delivered to your home address. back to top

How long will it take for my supply kit to be delivered?
The supply kit typically take 2-4 business days to arrive after it is shipped. Your supply kit will ship out the next business day after you purchase it (or 2 weeks before your pickup date if you have signed up early). You can login to your account to view live tracking information of your shipment.  back to top

Ship To School

How does ship to school work?

  1. We send you our Supply Kit (includes 5 boxes, tape, label pouches and a marker)
  2. Pack your boxes and create barcode labels using your Collegeboxes account
  3. Affix a unique barcode to each box you are shipping
  4. Scheulde a FedEx pickup for your boxes from your Collegeboxes account
  5. We receive and hold your boxes at our secure climate controlled storage facility
  6. We deliver your boxes directly to your room on the date and time you choose

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Can I request a specific time for FedEx to pick up my boxes?
No.  We can not guarantee FedEx pickup times.  Your pick up time is based on FedEx's daily route in your area. back to top

Do I need to be present for FedEx to pick up?
No.  If you feel comfortable doing so, you can leave your boxes outside and FedEx will pick them up.  Your boxes will track on your account as soon as FedEx picks them up and scans them. back to top

Can I drop off my boxes at a FedEx store?
Yes.  You can drop off your boxes at any FedEx store.  Make sure you have affixed your FedEx shipping labels to each box you are dropping off. back to top

Can I ship my items directly from a store?
No.  You must ship your items from your home using our shipping service. back to top

Can I ship using my own FedEx/shipping account?
No.  You must ship all items to our storage facility using our shipping service. back to top

Pickup and Delivery

How do I create and print my storage/shipping labels?

  1. Login to your Collegeboxes account created during sign up.
  2. Go to "Create and Print Your FedEx Shipping Labels" section.
  3. Create label for each item you want to ship.
  4. Click "Add Shipping Item" button
  5. Select the box description from the drop down list
  6. Write a brief description
  7. Add additional protection if desired (first $100 is FREE)
  8. Print your shipping labels by clicking on the "Print All Labels" link.
    Please note: the "Print All Labels" link will only appear after you have created labels
  9. Attach your labels to the corresponding items in the space provided on the boxes using the label pouches or tape.
    Use extra tape or zip ties included in supply kit when attaching labels to luggage.

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Do I need to label every item I am having picked up?
Yes.  You will need to create a label for every item you are having picked up, including your Collegeboxes.  We use the barcode labels to track your items in storage so that nothing gets lost. back to top

What is my customer ID number and where do I find it?
Your customer ID is an 8 digit code (ex: ABCD1234), which you write on all items that we are picking up.  We use your customer ID to reference your account whenever you need to contact us.  Your customer ID is located at the top of the screen when you log into your account. back to top

When will I be able to select a pickup and delivery time?
You will be able to choose from a number of convenient pickup and delivery dates, which will occur during finals week and several days prior to the start of classes.  Pickup and delivery times are normally posted a couple months prior to the start/end of a semester.  You may sign up for your pickup and delivery when you order the service or you can login later to your account and select one.  We will notify via email all registered customers who have not selected a pickup or delivery time after these times have been posted. back to top

Can I select a specific time for my pick up or delivery?
Right now we only offer a window for your pickup time.  For example, your pickup or delivery could be 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.  During this time, you or someone else will need to be available to give the movers access to your items.  It is highly recommended that you make no other plans during your pickup/delivery time.  If you have to be gone at some point, be close enough to your dorm that you can come back with a moments notice. back to top

Do you pickup directly at my door?
Yes, as long as you are registered with us and your school's administration will allow our movers into the dorms.  Our movers will come to your door to pickup your shipping and storage items.  We'll make sure your boxes are properly labeled, and we'll complete the necessary paperwork.  The process should take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes. back to top

How will I know when the movers have arrived at my dorm?
When the movers arrive, you will receive a text message and/or a call letting you know they are outside your dorm.  In most cases you will need to meet the movers and escort them up to your room. back to top

I live off-campus. Can you pick up my things?
YES!  Collegeboxes can arrange to pick up your storage and shipping items from your off-campus apartment.  Please  email, live chat, or call 781-932-1113 to request off-campus pick up. back to top

What if I can't be present for a pickup or delivery?
In your absence, you can have a friend be present during a pickup or delivery.  You can NOT leave your items inside your dorm room for pickup.  If our mover cannot get in touch with you, or a friend or roommate that you designate, we will not be able to pick up or deliver your items.  If our mover cannot gain entry to a location that you designate as a delivery location, your items will be brought back to our warehouse and you will have to schedule a re-delivery, as well as pay a missed delivery fee. back to top

Will you have extra boxes when you come to my room?
No, we will not have boxes when we come to your room.  You can purchase extra box kits online through your Collegeboxes account, or through back to top

What if I don't know my fall address prior to your picking up my things?
If you don't know your delivery address at the time of pickup, be sure to logon to your Dashboard to enter this information as soon as you receive it. back to top

What if I need a different pickup/delivery date than the one listed for my school?
We can schedule a special pickup/delivery for you for an additional fee of $295.   Please email, live chat, or call 781-932-1113 to schedule your own pickup/delivery date. back to top

What if I am transferring to a new school?
If you need your items delivered to a new school, you will simply supply us with your shipping address to your new school.  We will ship the boxes to you via FedEx (shipping fees apply for this service). back to top

Declared Valuation Coverage (NOT INSURANCE COVERAGE)

Are items protected against damage or loss?
Yes.  Our prices include $100 worth of protection per shipped or stored item.  We strongly recommend the purchase of additional declared valuation coverage in cases where the replacement value of your possessions exceeds $100 per package.  Additional valuation can be purchased by indicating the desired amount of declared value when you enter the item on your online account. back to top

Can I purchase additional declared valuation coverage?
Yes.  You may purchase up to $900 of additional declared valuation per storage item, up to a maximum of $6,000 for your complete storage order.  You may purchase up to $900 of additional declared valuation per shipping item .  To purchase storage or shipping declared valuation coverage, select the value of the contents of the item as the declared value when you are creating your "Storage and/or Shipping Items" in your online account.  To purchase shipping declared valuation, make sure to input the declared value in the designated field when producing your labels online. back to top

What is the cost of the additional declared valuation?
The cost for each additional $100 of declared valuation coverage is $3.00. back to top

Pricing, Fees and Payment

How much do your services cost?
Our prices are set on a per item basis.  All storage prices include door-to-door pickup and delivery and storage throughout each semester.  Shipping prices are calculated using an estimated weight based on the box dimensions and the destination address.  Please review the Pricing section of your school's page for more information.  Features such as "At Your Door" pick up and delivery make Collegeboxes the best value on campus. back to top

Where can I find a list of your prices?
Visit Collegeboxes Pricing Page and you can view our general pricing for storage and shipping.  To view school specific pricing, go to Collegeboxes Schools Served Page, click on your school, select tab for Summer, Study Abroad, Ship to School, or U-Box service, then find the price list on the upper right hand side of screen and click "View Entire Pricing List". back to top

Is the supply kit refundable?
No.  The $39.99 (plus tax, free shipping) pays for your box kit.  Unfortunately, we are unable to process box kit returns or refunds. back to top

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa cards. back to top

Do you accept cash?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash. back to top

How do you prepare my final bill?
Following the pickup of your items, we will process charges based on the quantity and type of items shipped and stored, and according to the prices contained in the Pricing section.  The balance on your account is charged to your credit card saved on your account.  You can view/print your final statement right from your account. back to top

Can I cancel my service?
Yes.  See Contact Us.  You can either submit a form requesting cancellation of service or see other contact information.  See our pricing section for any additional fees that may or may not be assessed to your account for cancellation.  Please note, the cost of the box kit is not refundable. back to top

Are there any additional fees?
In certain cases.  Collegeboxes charges additional fees only in cases where we incur additional costs.  These fees can usually be avoided if you plan ahead of time.  Most importantly, make sure you are in your room during your scheduled delivery time. See our Pricing Section for a full list of the additional fees that can be charged. back to top

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