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10 Possible Reasons Why Your Claim Would be Denied

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Nothing is more frustrating than denied claims. With proper planning prior to shipping/storage, you can eliminate the risk of damaged or lost goods during transit. To prepare you as a first-time college student or parent, planning a college move, our claims team has put together a list of possible reasons for claim denials.

Not Filed on Time

Claims are deemed waived if not filed within 10 days following delivery or the damaged or lost item. It is very important when you receive your belongings to immediately unpack to access lost or damaged goods.

Supporting Documentation Not Provided

Supporting documentation not submitted with the initial claim form. The claims team will advise via email that additional documentation is needed. If we do not hear from you after 10 days, your claim is placed on hold and then denial. Supporting documentation includes photos of damaged goods, sales receipts, proof of payment or online orders.

Insider Tip – If your packaged item arrives damaged, be sure to take photos of the exterior packaging immediately upon receipt

Claim Was Filed Incomplete

Additional damage or lost items reported after an initial claim was filed and approved.

Storing or Shipping Prohibited Goods

Declared value does not cover jewelry, coins, cash, collectibles, hazardous materials, perishable items, or items prohibited by law. In addition to prohibited items, refrain from storing or shipping packed food as food attracts critters and mice. The customer is liable for damages caused by liquids, paint, alcohol, cleaning supplies, or hygiene products.

Wrong or Duplicate Label Placed on Package

This is a very common yet avoidable mistake. For example, if you are shipping five boxes ($100 coverage per box) and a keyboard box ($400 coverage), make sure you place the corresponding labels on the right box. If the keyboard is damaged during transit with the wrong label attached, your max declared value payout would be $100 because the claim value is paid on tracking number value, not the description/value entered at the time of account creation. The same rules apply if duplicate labels are printed and attached to your packages. Keep in mind there is one unique barcode per package.

No Evidence of Physical Damage

Damage Items must have evidence of physical damage to the exterior packing. If there’s no damage, the claim would be denied due to insufficient packing. Insufficient packing can include incorrect tape used, closures not sealed, cushion or packing material not used to fill empty space, and packing material not used to protect electronics or glassware.

Damage to Unprotected Items

Damage to outer package (non-boxed) suitcases, duffel bags, trunks, or plastic bins. The declared value does not cover missing wheels on suitcases, dents on trunks, ripped straps on duffel bags or cracked plastic bins. When storing/shipping these items expect scuffs and scratches. The intended use of these items is to protect the goods inside like a corrugated box. 

Storing unboxed goods (furniture) 

Non-boxed furniture is not covered against damage or loss. Examples of these items are particle board or self-assembled furniture (i.e., Ikea), mattresses/box springs, couches, futons, tables, dressers, etc. At the time of pickup, the customer is responsible for protecting the goods from dents and scraping. 

Right of inspection 

Collegeboxes reserves the right to open and inspect any package in the event there is damage to stored or shipped packages to confirm damage. Refusal to submit the package for inspection can result in claim declination.  

Signature confirmation  

Packages with declared value of $500 or more require a signature at the time of delivery. If for any reason, the package is not received but proof of delivery is obtained, the claim can be denied. We ask that you, or someone you trust, be available to sign on your behalf for your package.  If you have less than $400 declared value on your package our shipping carrier can deny your claim due to the signature option not being requested.  

Claims can be time-consuming and difficult for anyone not familiar with the process.

When moving to college, keep records of your expenses, and create an “online order” folder in your email inbox for anything you order online. This will be beneficial when supplying documentation to support the value of your claim. Luckily as a college student, your claim won’t be as complex as a household or auto claim, but you will want to ensure your goods are always protected. All storage and shipment are subject to our Terms and Conditions.