College Storage and Shipping

College Storage and Shipping is an innovative moving solution for college students that simplifies the college moving process. There’s no need to load a car with boxes, check bags at the airport, and haul belongings to and from campus. We do the heavy lifting for you. Ship what you want, store what you want – any combination. The process is customized to your needs every step of the way.

How College Storage works

After you create your account, you pack your belongings, then we pick them up from your dorm room and store them in a nearby climate-controlled storage facility. When you return to campus, your items are delivered to your dorm room or off-campus housing. You choose your delivery and pickup dates and what goes into storage.

How College Storage differs from traditional storage

With traditional storage, you find a storage unit and make trips to pick up and drop off your belongings. With College Storage, the only thing you need to worry about is packing your belongings. We handle everything else, including shipping packing supplies directly to you and picking up your belongings on the day you choose. You manage everything from your mobile device for added convenience and customization.

Benefits of College Storage

  • Full-service, on-demand storage
  • Convenient access to stored items
  • $100 insurance per box included
  •  No cost to reserve
  •  In-room pick-up and delivery
  •  Itemized storage – no need to rent an entire storage room
  •  Convenient access to stored items
  •  24/7 customer support
  • Manage everything from your mobile device

Belongings Stored Near Campus

We store your belongings at a clean, dry, and secure U-Haul storage facility that you can access at any time. Because Collegeboxes is a division of U-Haul, students benefit from U-Haul's network of more than 1,500 storage facilities across the United States. This allows us to store your belongings in a storage facility that is close to your school while utilizing U-Haul's industry-leading storage features and advantages.

How College Shipping different from using FedEx/UPS

Collegeboxes’ student shipping services are designed to make college shipping as simple as possible. We pick up your belongings from your dorm room and work with FedEx to ship them anywhere worldwide. The only thing you need to do is select a pickup date, pack your belongings, and tell us where you want them to go.

Benefits of College Shipping with Collegeboxes

  • Discounted FedEx rates
  • Pick up from your location on the day you select
  • Online tracking through one account
  • $100 insurance per box included
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