Summer Storage for College Students

Online Sign Up

Creating your account takes just a few minutes. During sign up, you can order our signature supply kit for $39.99 (optional), choose your pickup date, and provide your billing information. It's free to create an account. You only pay for supply kit upon sign up. Payment for storage and (or) shipping will be taken after pickup.

Supply Kit

Our supply kit includes 5 double-walled  (24"x16"x18") boxes, marker, tape, 5 zip ties, 10 label pouches and free shipping right to you. Need other boxes and packing supplies? Purchase your boxes and moving supplies online from U-Haul Store and get free standard shipping on orders over $25 (not available in Alaska or Hawaii).

Pack, Print Labels and Prepare for Pickup

After you have packed up all your belongings, simply create and print storage and (or) shipping labels for each of your items using your Collegeboxes account. Collegeboxes utilizes barcode labels to track each item from pickup, to storage, to final delivery. Students are able to track the progress of their items in real-time through their online account. Make sure you have all your items packed, labeled and ready the day before your scheduled pickup.

Pickup At Your Door

On selected pickup date, Collegeboxes comes right to the student’s dorm room to collect their items. We’ll accept everything a typical student has in their dorm room for storage, including boxes, most types of furniture, plastic totes and bikes. Boxes, suitcases, duffel bags, poster tubes and trunks are accepted for shipping. Free pickups are offered on select dates corresponding with school's academic calendar. Special pickups available for additional fee ($295 and up)

We Store and Ship

Afer pickup, all your storage items are transported to our nearby storage facility. Once there, items labeled for storage are placed in our secure climate controlled storage and items labeled for shipping items are shipped via common carrier out on the next available date.

Delivery of Stored Items

On the selected delivery date, Collegeboxes loads and transports stored items directly to the student’s new dorm room. Free deliveries to campus are offered on select dates corresponding with school's academic calendar. Special deliveries available for additional fee ($295 and up). Students living off-campus can choose to have their shippable storage items (boxes, luggage, trunks) shipped via common carrier to their off-campus address (shipping fees apply), held for pickup at our nearby storage facility (free), or scheduled a special delivery ($295 and up)

Online Account Management

Collegeboxes customers receive helpful e-mails,  text messages and phone calls to guide them through the entire process. Students can manage the entire process using their collegboxes account. Through the online account, you can order supplies, change or view pickup and delivery, print storage and shipping labels, contact live support, view all charges, and change payment information.

Storage Prices

Storage prices is per item per academic term.  Free bulk pickup and delivery windows are offered on scheduled dates.  Other pickup and delivery dates are charge an additional fee ($295 and up). Storage for boxes, luggage, trunks, and plastic storage items range from $45 to $60 each per academic term. Storage for furniture, appliances, bikes and misc unboxed items range from $35 to $75 each per academic term. View storage price detail

Shipping Prices

Shipping prices are based on the package dimensions, weight, destination and declared valuation protection selected. Typical domestic shipment cost between $30-$50 (domestic, exluding AK and HI). View shipping pricing detail

Additional Declared Valuation Protection (Not Insurance Coverage)

Each item you store or ship includes $100 of free declared valuation protection. You may purchase additional protection for $3.00 per $100 of protection. The maximum protection per item is $1,000. The maximum protection for all your items is $6,000

Exposure to and risk of any loss in excess of the declared value is assumed by the customer. You may transfer this risk to an insurance carrier of your choice through the purchase of an insurance policy. Contact an insurance agent or broker if you desire insurance coverage. WE DO NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE COVERAGE OF ANY KIND.

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