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How to Plan for the New Year (College Edition)

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The end of the fall semester can be difficult for college students, thanks to final exams, holiday obligations, and the hassle of temporarily moving out of the dorms.

Needless to say, by this point in the year, it’s normal to feel a little burnt out. But winter break gives you over a month to rest, relax, and reset before the spring semester. So, even if you’re a star student, or struggling to cross the finish line, at Collegeboxes, we have some tips to help you start the new year in style. 

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Reflect on Last Semester

Now is the best time to reflect and learn from your first semester. Maybe you ended up skipping a few more classes than you intended to, but really enjoyed the weekly study group you joined. Try and reflect on which habits you want to bring into the new year, and which ones you should leave in 2023. 

This is also the best time to declutter and reorganize before the new year. This could include things like: 

  • Filing away old assignments 
  • Donating or selling clothes you don’t wear 
  • Purging your snack drawer 
  • Cleaning up your bathroom and restocking on toiletries 

You made it through the first semester, now it’s time to focus on the future and pursue even more success in the new year. Don’t dwell on things you could have done better, focus on doing your best going forward. 

Set New Goals

Now that we’ve reflected on what worked and what didn’t, it’s time to set some goals! Having some goals to work toward will give you more direction and motivation to buckle down and do your best.  

Start by making smaller goals. These can be tasks that seem easy but get overlooked when you’re in the thick of the school year. Think of things like: 

Then, move on to bigger picture goals. You might not be able to cross these off your to-do list in a day, but they will keep you motivated throughout the semester. This can include goals like: 

  • Getting all As this semester 
  • Landing an awesome internship 
  • Improving your skills as a writer or mathematician  

You can even make a vision board to keep track of your goals and to help keep you accountable for everything you wish for in the new year. Consider hanging it above your bed or desk to feel motivated every day! 

Prepare for the New Year 

Why not start the new year with some new gear? We suggest buying new notebooks, pens, and maybe some fresh fits for the new semester. There’s no better feeling than walking onto campus with a trendy outfit and brand-new school supplies, so don’t be afraid to spoil yourself a little bit!  

The new year is also a great time to start working on your budget. As a college kid, you know how important is to make every dollar stretch. Why not get ahead and start saving now? That way, you may even be able to splurge on an awesome trip once summer rolls around.

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Happy New Year!