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How to Plan for the New Year (College Edition)

Happy New Year tree ornament

Congratulations on making it another year! In 2022, we lived and learned, with an emphasis on learning. Now that it is coming to an end, what’s next? How do you make sure that 2023 is full of growth and success? With a few simple tips to help you get started, the possibilities for the new year are endless.

Forget First Semester

“Leaving the bad juju in 2022, and taking the good with me into 2023”. The second semester is the best time to start over and learn from the first semester. Maybe the grades you received were good, but not exactly what you wanted, or you waited until you were out of clothes to do your laundry, etc. This is also the best time to declutter and reorganize for 2023. This could mean removing any old assignments you don’t need anymore, getting rid of the clothes you didn’t touch all year, cleaning out your snack drawer, or maybe even grab a new toothbrush. You made it through the first semester, now time to focus on the future and pursue even more success in 2023.

Set New Goals

Now that we’ve moved past the past, it’s time to really start thinking about how to make the most out of the new year. Start with the smaller goals: make your bed every morning after you get up, set your clothes out the night before, little things to make your days easier. Then move on to other goals, like dedicating specific time to certain class homework or doing all of your homework by Thursday night so that way you can go out over the weekend with friends and have fun. Students can even join a club on campus to meet new people and create new memories! Make a vision board to keep track of your goals and to help keep you accountable for everything you wish for in the new year. Frame it above your bed or desk to feel motivated every day.

Prepare for it all!

Of course, we can’t forget about the actual school part of the new year. We suggest buying fresh new notebooks for your new classes, or pens with fresh ink so that the workflow doesn’t have to stop because you can’t write anymore. New school supplies always feel so nice, so why wouldn’t you want to start off feeling the same way? Students can also prepare by budgeting at the beginning so that when Spring Break and Summer roll around, the fun doesn’t have to end. Get ready and get ahead now, so that everything else can be a breeze throughout 2023. Happy New Years!

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